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  • Stoff13
    Hello.  I was diagnosed with MS at 23.  I turned 40 less than a month ago.  I spent 16 years thinking that I would never run again.  I am pretty mobile, although my left leg doesn't work so good, my balance is not good at all, and the soles of my shoes have always worn away at the heels, especially my left shoe .  Anyway, four or five months ago, I woke up one morning and decided that I would try to run.  That night, after dark, I went back to a dark part of the park across the street from my house and started running.  I fell within a few minutes but I was so excited to actually be running that I got right back up and continued.  I feel kind of like Forrest Gump because I haven't stopped since and, although falls were common at first, they don't happen often anymore and skinned knees and palms are a sort of badge of honor to me.  Honestly, it is definitely more of a jog than a run, but I am still doing something that I never thought I would do again.  I bought a cheap pair of running shoes back in August and noticed the other day that the heels have worn down and they feel weird on my feet.  I'd like to buy a new pair of running shoes that might be more conducive to running with my condition, but am worried about spending $100 or more on a pair of shoes that will only last four or five months, as my current shoes have.  Does anyone on here jog, or run, and possibly have the same problem that I have?  I've been searching the Internet for a good shoe for MS patients to wear for jogging but have found nothing.  I know that some run marathons so I know that there are other runners or joggers, but they may have legs that operate better than mine.  Could anyone recommend a good pair of running shoes that the heels wouldn't wear down so quickly?  I do realize that I'm still going to walk, jog, or run the way that I have for 17 years but I have no intentions of giving up on my newfound love and don't want to throw all of my limited funds away on shoes.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  I would greatly appreciate it!
  • BikeMama
    Thank you, Stoff13!  Running had always been the only exercise that made me feel better physically and emotionally.  I hung up my shoes with my diagnosis but had been toying with the idea of sneaking out after dark just like you.  Now, thanks to you, I'm going to give it a try! 
  • AliceLopez
    Hi there!

    Some running stores will have you run on a treadmill and analyze your running gait. They take a look at how your foot strikes the ground and how to help find more balance by advising on the proper kind of footwear and possible insert sole. A lot of times they will analyze at no cost. Would that be something that could help you with this wearing of the shoe problem? 
  • Sparky10
    That's great!  You never know till you try, right?

    I did the same thing, and have a similar problem with shoe wear.

    Didn't think I could move my feet fast enough to jog till I simply tried.  That was many years ago; now on a really good day I can jog a full mile.  Can barely walk after that, but, hey.  I find my upper body still thinks it's moving fast but the legs are really just shuffling along - that is what causes most of my falls.  Sometimes it's tripping because my right leg doesn't move as well as the left.  Foot drop is bad.

    It's interesting that your shoe wear is on your weak leg - mine is on my strong side.  I've figured out why, though.  After getting xrays at a chiropractor I learned that my right leg isn't shorter than the left - my spine is skewed from years of using spinal muscles to lift the leg instead of, what...the thigh muscles?  Anyway, I walk like one leg is shorter than the other.

    This causes my good leg to have to lean just enough to scuff the inside of the heel of shoes.  It also causes me to eventually walk on the inside side of the heel.  You understand?  The heel of the left shoe will break down and the whole shoe will eventually lean over to the right.

    So far I've thrown away one pair of cheap shoes.  I call any lace up, everyday shoe a tennis shoe.  And I've had to pay to repair 2 pairs of good boots.  The cobbler resoles and reinforces the heel of the left boot.

    To compensate for the height difference of my hips, I wear a solid insole in the right shoe.  It helps.  That and the adjustments by my excellent chiropractor, and I'm almost walking normally!
  • Stoff13
    Yes, that sounds very similar to my story Sparky.  My walking had always been kind of uneasy so I couldn't even imagining trying to move them fast enough to run.  I normally run on a sidewalk they've recently put down in a new nature sanctuary across the street from my house.  A neighborhood organization gave away pedometers a few years back so I took that out.  After my second night jogging I made it a goal to run to the end of my road and back so imagine my surprise to find out that I was jogging a mile and 3/4 within a week. 

    A physical therapist said that I lift my hip and swing my leg to walk.  I was trying out a Bioness foot drop brace at the time, but, of course, my insurance denied it as it was "expiremental".  I would absolutely love to wear the brace and run!  I think about that quite often.  I do know what you mean because it is the inside of my heels that wears the most.
  • Stoff13
    That is awesome BikeMama!  It really made my day to read this!  Don't get discouraged if its very akward at first..  Like I said, I tripped over my feet within a few minutes of starting and continued to fall regularly when I started.  I fell the other day, but that was because I slipped on some mud and had nothing to do with tripping. As the shoe salesman I talked to tonight said, "muscle memory will improve your running."  Keep at it and you will get better!  You have a head start on me.  You used to enjoy running while I used to watch people running by my house and think, "how could anyone ever enjoy that?".  I found out!  Please let me know how it goes for you.
  • Turtlespeed
    It isn't unusual to go through multiple pairs of shoes a year as a runner. Go to a reputable running store and they can analyze your gait and recommend the best shoes for you. A podiatrist may also be able to help particularly if insoles are needed. Keep running while you can!
  • Stoff13
    Thanks Turlespeed.  I read your post and went directly to a running store in town, which, oddly enough, is probably within running distance of my house,and bought a new pair of Brooks shoes.  I hope they work out alright.  I sure plan on running as long as I can!  Thanks for the encouragement!
  • BikeMama
    Hate to say it, Stoff13, but I'm already discouraged and haven't even started.  We took our 2.5 year old twins to their first swimm class on Saturday.  The hour in the water felt great and it was lots of fun!  However, on Sunday, I was incredibly fatigued and my limbs felt like lead.  I'm still determined to give jogging a go.  But it makes me wonder how it will feel afterward if I felt that bad after being in a pool.  I'm hopeful it's just my body needing to get used to it kind of thing.  It's hard not to get angry feeling my body betrayed me.  And "losing" a day to symptoms after just one wonderful hour with my family is so crappy!  We'll see how this weekend goes with the next class.