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  • anaconcepcion
    I have a situation, my daughter gave me a lithe and beutiful mini sznauzzer 10 pounds for emotional help and belive , that beutiful dog change my day making me laugh, smile and very happy.  The administration of the complex request me a letther  that  explain that i need a dog because im a multiple sclerosis patient. i show them our literature of how a dog can impruve in my depression felings and they dont care. Is 400 fee have my pet with out pay 400 fee. WOW!

    I'm from PR and I live in Texas because there is less expensive the energy and i need the air conditioner 24 hrs. I visit PR because my son is there and i went to a doctor and ask him for a letter for have my dog with me where i live in Texas. The doctor tell me that he is not to make the letter .  That i have to go to the vet. Why every thing is so dificult for us? I only receive 900 social security income and my duahter do not have more ss because she is 18. I can not afford the 400  , and i dont want to paid it because that dog is my partner every moment and change my live for good. Is there any document that help me with this situation? Is any way that people on the aparment undertend our condition and make our live better? Can some one tell me what i can do for have my sweet Chloe with me?
  • MS_Navigator_Robin
    Dogs can be a wonderful part of our lives, and it sounds like your schnauzer is an important part of yours. I've reviewed The Delta Society's information about service animals in housing, and although it indicates "that it is HUD's position that no deposit may be charged for the service animal" it is not clear whether this applies in all housing markets or just those regulated by HUD. 

    I encourage you to call one of the following resources for more information:
    • Pet Partners offers information about service animals and may have an answer to your question: 425-679-5500.
    • The Office of Housing and Urban Development has a Counseling & Referral line for questions about HUD programs, including Fair Housing: 800-569-4287.
    I hope you're able to find a solution quickly!

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