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  • MS_Navigators
    Living well with MS means understanding strategies that enhance total health and wellness. What role do diet, exercise and other holistic approaches play in your life?
  • maria1
    Partners. They are all partners in my goal of eliminating as many doctors as possible from my life. And it is all a trade off. If I want to work in the garden or sew or clean house I wind up eating junk because I am too tired to cook. If I read one day then I exercise. Some days I take vitamins others no. Sometimes I don't want to take anything, to see what i feel like with out any supplements. It is all an emotional trade off. My day begins with the decision as to what I need to do to feel good about myself. Sometime I MUST spend the day sewing, designing and making something visually appealing. Other days I MUST work in the garden, to get some vitamin D and pull weeds. Other days reading is a priority, then I shall exercise. Some days I am the vegetable. Everything is musical chairs with me. There is no such thing as a routine. If I have to go to a doctors appointment then I lose two days recouperating from the time spent in the car and the doctors office. Being in the car is the worst thing for me and I hate that I have to go to see a doctor just because they write my prescriptions. Then I have to exercise to relieve the stress on the body from the hours sitting. My total health and wellness is 'all in my head', and I do whatever it is to feel good, diet exercise and hollistic approaches help me stay away from doctors so I like them alot and fit them into my life as much as possible. What about you?