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  • silver83
    My memory is probably my worst symptom.  Having so many App choices, is there one that MS folks have found especially helpful in remininding them of either important meetings, to-do lists, dealing with their MS, etc?
  • maria1
    sil, We all agree that the calendar works for most reminders, along with post it notes. Routine and simplicity help too. If it's monday this must be..... The more independence and autonomy we utilize the stronger our wills. Having others be our memory weakens our self image so even if we forget things it is better than the old, mother please i'd rather do it myself.  Since my sleep patterns are erratic I lose track of the calendar for my shot doses, so the calendar is on the frig and i still miss shots.

    Putting things in the same place ALL the time doesn't always help either because nothing is ever where i put it.

    Being aware that we have deja vu and jamais vu experiences all the time helps dispel the frustration. Most often for me, dealing with the emotional side of ms is a lot of work. Not expecting anything to be 'normal' helps the mind cope. Every day being a surprise party, not the one we want, makes it easier to adapt. Once the mind gets the practice of nothing ever being the same, like today i cant think, today i have difficulty walking, today my hands let go of everything, today i cant see so good etc. then all the disappointments drift away and i amuse myself, watching myself, to see what i am doing. Once in the routine that nothing is routine there becomes a norm of sorts that we can cope with. It takes practice, like every day not getting upset with ourselves for what we are doing or what we are not able to do.

    Writing stuff down helps a lot. Using a wall like a tic tac toe board with categories, job, home, car, self, family, uncle sam. There is the KISS rule, keep it simple stupid, another rule i learned from my friend Elaine, whom i thank every day---I am a very lazy person, i find the fastest easiest way to get the job done.!!!! good luk. maria
  • lovereign
    Yes there is. I found an app called MS Notes Journal. It keeps track of all your symptoms. You are able to document the onset of the symptom, the duration, and what kind of symptom it is e.g. sensory, motor, cognitive, etc. It even has drop down menus to document the climate and whether you think it's a relapse or not. At the bottom there is a box where you can thoroughly document notes of the symptom. This app has been my memory for me in regards to my MS symptoms. It has helped me figure out when I'm in the middle of a relapse, just by counting all the symptoms I've had in such a short period of time. I am then able to take it with me (on my phone) to tell my neurologist all the symptoms I've been having since the last time I saw him. I no longer leave there feeling like I forgot to tell him something.I have the most basic of smart phones out there, a Windows Phone. So if I ws able to download it on my phone, I'm sure you'll be able to download it on any other smart phone. The good thing too is that you could have it automatically sync to the cloud so if you lose your phone, all your notes will not be lost.

    I also like to use OneNote to make lists of any and everything. Grocery lists, to do lists, lists of music I want to listen to lol. I currently have 7 lists on there. You can also sync that or share it with others or just send it to your email. I noticed that when I change a list, it automatically changes it in the email I sent to myself.! Sorry despite being a millennial, I am very slow to tech and software so I get excited by little things like that. :-)

    I most definitely use the calendar on my phone to keep track of my appointments and remind me of them. I also set reminders for other important things I need to do and don't want to forget.