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  • sara1213


    So I started doing some online school to get back into school. The first quarter I took one class, second quarter I took two classes, and the third quarter for me is summer quarter and I decided to take two classes. I didn't realize at first how short the quarter was going to be, it is a 11 week course made into a 6 week course. I thought I could do it, but after only starting my classes two days ago I started stressing about my science class. It's a short class and the teacher was not being responsive or giving much information. So last night I decided to drop it. So now I'm only taking one class this quarter. I feel like I just gave up, but the stress from the class and the teacher was starting to hurt me. So what I am asking is has anyone ever felt like this? I feel like I'm a failure for not even being able to take two classes. It could have been fine after awhile if the teacher would respond but the stress was killing me. Do you guys think I made the right decision? 

  • maria1

    Learning your limits is not giving up, taking care of yourself is not giving up. You are now a retired superwoman and must accept that you can no longer do it all. As time passes you will be quicker to identify what you are able to do and what your limits are. Try celebrating that you are taking one course for the summer instead of taking the whole summer off. Doing well with one course is better than being mediocre with two. 

    That you are not able to deal with an unresponsive instructor is more indicative of the changes ms has brought into your life, getting to know the new you is a giant step in dealing with ms. You are the same person you were before ms and you are also different, there are now two of you, let them both shake hands and meld together and you will be fine.

  • sara1213

    You are right, I have take care of myself and learn my limits. I know it will be hard to accept that things are different, but I hope that will start to change. I do have to celebrate that I am taking one class instead of taking off the summer.i am trying to do school and even if I can't do as much as I have done before at least I'm trying to do something. Thank you so much for your post. It has really helped me and opened up my eyes. I am strong and I have to remember that. Ms has changed me but I am still me, it just might take me longer to do things but I have all the time in the world. Thank you so much, you really helped me and I appreciate that. 

  • RockyB

    Summer is tough an intense. Listen to what your body tells you. Sometimes it's a bit of a game to decide whether you need to challenge yourself or avoid overdoing it. Ultimately the best way to look at it is how it will affect your targeted graduation date. If it will shorten your college career if you take it, and not impact it if you don't, then stick it out.

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