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  • oldhippie
      I was just reading a Doctors report about my brain (both my mri's and ctscan) and in this report it is mentioned that yes I do suffer with PPMS and all of it's symptoms and there are a lot of them, it showed that I also suffer from a TBI and that I have a vary large bruise (in the left Temporal lobe area) of my brain. This is where my headaches are all of the time, they start off as a constant dull headache and most every day increase to a pounding unstoppable headache later in the day.
      Now for the quesstion at hand, has anyone been given this kind of information from any of your Doctor's or is it just something unique to me and my brain?
  • maria1
    I do not have tbi, how long ago was the mri? bruises heal, dont they?  have you tried the exerises on the post: Re: pressure headaches and treatment? by the way, the doc told me the brain does not hurt, it is the nerves on the muscles surrounding the scull.  how about loading some of your pictures?
  • oldhippie
    Thanks maria1, Yes bruises heal but the injury dosn't. The mri's are a few month's to about a year and a half old so I know that some of this has gotten better over time but the end result is the same. I now the why so now I can start the work to make it better, TBI never really goes away, it just gettes less painfull.