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  • gabek
    I have been diagnosed about 5 years ago. Seems fatigue and some depression is starting to set in more often. I try and exercuse but have been lax as of late. Any suggestions?
  • maria1
    Get angry! Get good and angry. Scream and yell, let it out, do not keep it in. Be angry at circumstances, be angry at the weather, be angry at the weeds, beat that pillow, scream some more. 

    This is all beyond your control, it is not your fault, it is, as they say, 'your turn in the barrel', you didnt do this, it picked you out of the blue, and has nested, just like some of us get pimples.

    It is your challenge, a problem for your mind to solve, a puzzle to work on.

    Nuvigil works for the fatigue, for some adderall works, except if you take a bunch of other drugs that  have a side effect that makes one drowsy. Like I do, so I have now taken to drinking coffee, eating chocolate, and sugar such as cookies, and carbs. which sometimes when taken too late, keep me up all night.

  • danceypants
    I was experiencing fatigue last month and talked to my neurologist. She recommended taking supplements and changing my diet before taking any medications.

    I started taking Omega-3 and CoQ10 supplements. I also started the Walhs Diet. My fatigue has almost completely cleared up and I am so happy about the way I feel overall.

    I think you should talk to your neurologist and see if the supplements and/or diet are a good idea/safe for you.

    If that does not work, it seems like there are pharmcological interventions. You have options out there--do not dispair and talk to your doc! Hugs.
  • msbarr

    Very interesting to hear fish oil helped your fatigue.

    You can test your actual levels here,

  • MS Navigator Jess

    Hi gabek,

    Thanks for posting here!  Those are two of the most common MS symptoms, you're definitely not alone.

    Some great info already shared here, but I wanted to direct you towards some supplemental information on our website:

    Depression and MS



  • bentMSrider
    Fatigue and depression seem to be joined at the hip.  There is no doubt that MS is depressing and can lead to depression...and they say most of the meds can cause depression...and fatigue is a common symptom of both MS and depression.  I take anti-depressants and I also take the prescription drug Concerta for the fatigue.  I don't notice the anti-depressants working...but my wife does!  The Concerta has worked very very well for me.  None of the nervousness that Provigil caused.  With the Concerta I can't tell that have taken anything except for the fact that I don't have to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon.  When you feel the fatigue I say sit down and rest for a set period of time....say 30 minutes...and then get back up and at it.  Making a realistic list of things I want to accomplish today is helpful for me...and putting your exercise on there is a must.  I know that when I do force myself to get moving that the depression seems to lift....and while I am active it doesn't seem to close in on me as much.  For me, sitting and doing nothing only feeds the beast and it becomes more encompassing.  I picture depression as a cloudy foggy dark haze that tries to settle on me, and it gets thicker and darker the longer I sit in it...sometimes for hours, or days, or weeks, and even months in the past.  I was diagnosed in 99...but I have dealt with clinical low-level depression all my life.  The MS allowed or caused me to slip deeper into it.  The fact that you are aware of the depression creeping in is a good thing.  It allows you the opportunity to say 'NO' and to try different avenues to avoid or even defeat it.  I speak of depression as if it is a living entity because that is how I see it.  The stronger it gets from feeding on me the weaker I get.  The more I take back and refuse to feed it the stronger I get.  Some days I just have to decide that I am being taken for a ride today....but tomorrow is another day.  Anyway...I've gone to ramblin'...I like to blame that on the MS but my wife says I rambled long before MS.  Real nice, huh....