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  • katrinafrommena
    For the past 11 years I have always looked forward to deer hunting. Opening weekend is a holiday in my home. That was until I was dignoised with MS. I no longer have the upper body strength to shoot my gun safely. That maybe a good thing for my husband because for the first time since we have been together he can out shoot me. It may also be good for the deer. It is just funny how thing change. I still hunt just without my gun. I guess this year I will not bring home the biggest buck but I will enjoy the excitement it brings to my daughter and husband. I get to hunt through my daughter so maybe I have learned there is more to life then just the hunt. Life is about taking the little things and making them great. Teamwork is everything and it is ok to ask for help. Happy Hunting 
  • jyarborough
    Thanks for sharing this. My profile pic is from the 2012 National Pistol Matches at Camp Perry. I have been many times and done ok. I was diagnosed in 2014 and can no longer take the heat or have the stamina to shoot all day. I have scaled back to shorter matches and league at night when it is not as hot. I am not looking forward to the day when my tremor is too bad. I already have a 5 ring wobble. 

    You may be able to still hunt if you can change your game. Ground blind instead of tree stand? Quad to the area and then hike instead of hoofing it all the way? Get out in the truck and be a part the hunt as a scout? .270 instead of 300 win mag? Prone or seated instead of off hand?

  • Avatar
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