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  • bubbadog66
    In Dec 2016 my neurologist met with me and told me I had PPMS based on the MRI results she was showing me. Since then through now i have "ran" with this "diagnosis". It is VERY apparent that i have MS, has been that way for me for even a year plus before my diagnosis when nobody knew what my difficulties were caused by....many, many times prior to Dec 2016 i was told "it's all in my head"...well yea, it is all in my head. Since that time i have had to seek assistance and in doing so stated i have PPMS. Over the past few weeks there has been some confusion concerning my "type" of MS while seeking this kinda help. Yesterday i reached out to my neurologist for clarification. Good news is i only have RRMS, so i'm "relapse" hasn't gone into "remission" in a very long time. This "kind" of MS i do in fact have has changed NOTHING concerning MY MS and treatment for it. Blessing in disguise kinda thing!! Dealing with my neurologist in this matter felt like dealing with the same sorta middle school things going on in Washington DC today!!!!....ugh. I filed an SSDI appeal last week where i stated i had PPMS...that might get it denied and delayed AGAIN!!!! I cannot change neurologist until i get on SSDI and have different "health care insurance" to make that move. So i'm putting this small piece of MY daily life with MY MS out there so i can wrap my head around this "new" development in my life. Big picture it is very positive news, immediate picture it complicates things for me...makes me appear to be "exaggerating" my MS. I know definitively on that day in Dec 2016 she stated to me based on my MRI I have "Primary Progressive MS" ignorant as i was at the time about this MS thing who would drop the ball on that pinnacle point of finally learning what is going on with me. My neurologist chalks it up as my cognitive dysfunction that created the whole mess... i don't buy it for one moment. Just had to get this off my chest so i can move beyond the whole ridiculous confusion.
  • maria1
    What we all forget, or never think about, is that mds will lie to cover their insurance. Although they are medicine 'men/women' they are beholden to insurance. So 'we' must always cover our own butts, 1. by questioning, investigating, proving everything they say. 2. Trust our own feelings. 3. Repeat 1. and 2. 4. Cross our fingers we got lucky.

    ​One ortho surgen said I was a candidated for two knee replacements.
    Another, md said i was candidate for two partial knee replacements.
    ​Another ortho surgeon set me up for PT, that was more than five years ago, and I still got those same knees!

    What is in it for them? Besides, is it good for you.
  • Avatar
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