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  • troidss
    Hey all, I got diagnosed This April and at first it was hard. But anytime you feel down and upset just remember you’re breathing and you have a bright future with the technology and medicine we have today. I know it’s just the beginning for me but sometimes just a hello or have a good day is all you need. Even if it’s asking a question or asking an opinion can brighten someone’s day. I’m always a bright jolly person and if you guys ever need to talk to anyone just reach out.

    Good luck everyone on this journey and let’s win this battle👍🏼
  • bubbadog66 

    Thx for the uplifting post. 
  • Tara-O

    Yes thank you for the uplifitng post.  I was just diagnosed in September and it has definitely been a struggle to remain positive.  Some days I have a good outlook on things and other days I dont
  • rickard0409
    Hey my friend I got diagnosed 2 years ago and what truly helped me is my beautiful wife and 2 beautiful daughters and knowing that Jesus Christ got me to this and will get me through it cause as Phillipians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me. I know that one day the Lord will provide a cure and I thank him every day for my salvation and my wonderful family. 
  • RollTide28
    Hey y'all, my names Rob. I live in a small town outside of Birmingham Alabama. Most folks would refer to me as a "COUNTRY BOY" or "REDNECK" I suppose, because I really do have, as Hank Williams Jr. put it, "A SHOTGUN, A RIFLE, & a 4 WHEEL DRIVE"! LOL! Things were GREAT in September 2012! I'd finally crossed that $100K barrier in my job (Outside Salesman for Generac Generator), I'd just had my 34th birthday, my wife of 7 years was 6 months pregnant with our FIRST(of 2 boys now 4 & 2, with whom I now stay @ home with every day & get to play with dumptrucks & bulldozers) sons, when I woke up BLIND one morning. Any "GUYS" out there can identify with the thoughts I BEGAN HAVING! I worried if I'd be able to take my son FISHING, HUNTING, teach him how to RIDE A BIKE, play BASEBALL, FOOTBALL, or BASKETBALL as I did throughout school. I had an EXTREME "HEAT TOLERANCE" for the first couple years where I couldn't even take a HOT SHOWER without my VISION screwing up, feeling like and/or THROWING UP, losing my BALANCE, etc. as I'm sure many of you understand. I could've continued playing the "POOR ME" card, but that's NEVER BEEN ME! I ain't never been a QUITTER, and am probably a little more well known round these here parts as a FIGHTER! Well, I don't like entering into ANYTHING without a "BACKUP" plan, and the Lord Jesus Christ is that BACKUP PLAN for me! Trying to keep 2 little boys WALLED UP INSIDE the HOUSE ALL DAY ended up being an IMPOSSIBLE PROBABILITY. So, I began "ASKING/PRAYING" for HELP & ANSWERS as to how I could do this. And well, after LOSING MY BALANCE falling down cutting and bruising myself, throwing up about 27 times, and walking around HALF BLIND for a couple weeks, I BEAT IT! HEAT TOLERANCE KISS MY @$$!! I've gotta "TAN" now that lots ok folks pay GOOD MONEY to get out of a "TANNING BED"! I guess my point is, WE MAY HAVE MS, but we can all refuse to let MS HAVE "US"!! If you TRULY WANT TO, and are WILLING TO BLEED & PUKE to beat this crap, "ASK, AND YE SHALL RECEIVE"! It wasn't "EASY", but then again nothing worth having or doing ever really is, am I RIGHT? We tend to "FRY" just about anything down here in the south, and I can't lie and say I DON'T LOVE IT! I'm 6'2" tall, and always bounced around 200 to 215 lbs., but after my diagnosis I dropped all the way down to 160 lbs.! I LOOKED & FELT SICK! So NOW, I eat SPINACH & ARUGULA instead of regular LETTUCE which has no "NUTRITIONAL" value, lots of EGGS, BACON, SALADS, and drink WATER ALL DAY, instead of SWEET TEA as I'd always done. I developed my own WORKOUT REGIMENT here at home! I BEGAN curling with a 25 lb. curling bar each day that's now at 35 lbs. I BEGAN doing 10 or 15 (as many as I could) push ups, now I'm at 3 reps each day of 50. What's already a LONG STORY SHORTENED, is I want you ALL TO KNOW, UNDERSTAND, & BELIEVE in yourselves! The Lord has kept me healthy now for ALMOST 5 years, with MAYBE a BIT of help from the 60 infusions of "TYSABRI" I've had. WE CAN BEAT THIS Y'ALL! It damn sure ain't easy, but if WE "ACTUALLY WANT" it bad enough, I can PROMISE YOU that if we would all ask the Lord for his help, WE WILL GET IT! I KNOW I HAVE!! Stay STRONG fellow MS'ers, and TRUST IN THE LORD!
  • woordh2003
    Amen, Rob......stay strong from Ohio!!