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  • bubbadog66
    As Turkey Day approaches we are reminded to be thankful for what we do have and can still do. November is often referred to as Gratitude month...which is great advice to focus on everyday but extremely helpful as we kick off the dreaded end of the year holiday season. 

    For years in times of "trouble" and discontent over the state of things i have found A-Z Gratitude Lists a useful tool to put a realistic perspective on MY world. As challenging as things can get i have yet to be baffled by NOT being able to list at least 26 things i better be grateful for...things could always be worse!

    This glass half full mentality can get me through the most difficult of moments. For me it seldom seems straight forward or easy as the "Yeah, buts...." challenge the negativity of daily living with a real & legitimate chronic illness. For me November kicks off hard times of meeting the expectations of the reality jammed down my throat by a healthy world as it "celebrates" its meaningless thankfulness. A time when it is expected that we all keep up with the Jones' so to speak at any and all costs during this finite period in time.

    In my living one unpredictable moment at a time gratitude MUST be a priceless coping tool. As the world, my personal show, passes by i can get overwhelmed by all the holiday cheer hype! As the reality of daily living screaches to a slow halt an attitude of gratitude can seem elusive, nearly impossible at times, especially this time of year.

    What tools does everyone here use to muddle through these seemingly difficult times? What coping skills help YOU get through just one more day without losing your mind over the powerlessness of it all? 
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    nice thought.
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