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  • april9517
    As I go through this site and discussions I always see and contribute to ways to stay positive and have a good outlook. We all know though that there are plenty of downs while navigating through life with MS. I am just wondering what some of your negative experiences have been. I feel a bit fish out of water when all I read about all the ups and how to be positive, while I have panic attacks or crying fits. I am a very positive person and can find a silver lining to most things (sometimes a little too much) but I also like to know that other people are going through some stuff like that too. Anyone care to share any stories to make me feel less alone when it comes to nights that "being sick" is just too much?
  • bubbadog66
    LOL....let's take a walk on the dark side....hmmmmm. 

    I've been diagnosed for almost a year (Dec 7, 2016) but my SECOND neurologist thinks a decade or maybe two i've had this MS thing. Yup, my second neurologist because the first one was like a mix of oil and water!!

    The day after i was diagnosed my mom died. The last time i saw my dad at the nursing home was last Christmas with my loving daughter! He has Parkinson's with Dementia and is in his early 80's...hates being trapped in the home and tries to escape every chance i hear. Two days after that visit on Dec 27th i just about once again almost wrecked my truck to a point that the wake up call and reality of it all said clear as day, "Enough is enough!!"....i don't drive anymore.

    On my second dreaded & stupid SSDI appeal...they say i should get a hearing this until then it is limbo for me.

    Been illegally evicted TWICE this year, once in March and once in July...was virtually homeless until my wife & i stopped being seperated and moved in together into suitable "dream" housing for TODAY...that's a positive thing so i can't go there right now and tread this dark road of negativity. About that though we for months trudged *@s backwards through the subsidised housing thing. Luxury problems galore getting the much needed respite and stability with a place to call home. Three weeks or so here and had a big storm that left us powerless, litterally, for almost 4 days....all our food spoiled and had to be thrown out....grrrrr.

    Get "scolded" for using handicap parking spots on "good"  days wayyyy too frequently....don't drive those in-store motorized carts very gracefully!! The looks i get as i search for Pokemon down those many, many tall aisles....ooops....i meant to say looking for coffee i shouldn't be drinking, right!!?? 

    What is there to talk about going to 3-6 health care team appointments EVERY WEEK!? My stellar Case Manager is threatening me with the loony bin or a feeding tube jammed down my throat if i don't stop losing weight. Who can slow down enough to eat when forced into an early retirement in the middle of a 30 year plan??!! The powerlessness of EVERYTHING....hurry up and wait, wait, wait! "SERENITY NOW!!" as Seinfeld says!!

    Wow, this short version of the insanity of MY MS, my heartbreaking relationships of life, my continuing decline physically, the rug pulled right out from under my feet really is as bad as it seems. All i can do is laugh so i don't cry but that's treading on the positive side of this negative conversation....LOL.
  • maria1
    gee april, you have been reading all the good stuff. There are plenty of negative stories posted here, I shared a few of my own. The posting here go back to 2012 so you have some good horror stories to wind through.