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  • maria1
    There is the part of my brain that tells me how I feel emotionally about something. good, bad, happy, sad etc. Sometimes my brain has been tricked into thinking emotionally a certain way, by parental controls, dont touch the stove you will get burnt, dont go in the street a car will hit you. But most of the time it is about how people treat me that my brain emotes about.

    ​Then , another part of my brain is taught things, like how to operate a car, how to add and how to solve problems. When a piece of machinery on the farm breaks and is needed to get a task completed I ask my brain to see if there is something around the barn or tools that i can use to canabalize the machine. I dont think about the problem again, I wait to see if the brain has percolated an option. Sometimes no, then we need to call a professional. Patching things is always creative.

    ​Of course, there is that part of my brain that runs all the equipment, like making the blood flow(intresting thing I learned last month, blood flows in both directions in each vein, at the same time, bringing nutrients to the heart and waste away. I never thought about it, credited it all to magic, ha). If I get a cut, that part of my brain automatically works on healing it, fixing the problem. So, I thought to myself, the brain always does what i tell it to do, then I started telling my brain to work on fixing the optic neuritis, it has taken years and the neuro is impressed says it almost doesnt look like i had optic neuritis twice. Sometimes I talk out loud to my brain, stop the spasms, some times I just think instructions to my brain, but for serious stuff i say it outloud to be sure I am heard. 

    ​Yes, I know, plenty of stuff going on overwhelms the working brain so supplements and medication are used also. "Whatever gets you through the night is alright!"

    ​From a mental health aspect we all feel powerless in dealing with ms but, talking to my machine brain and giving it instructions as to what I want done has given me some control and power. The brain is the final frontier with little known about how it works, and we are never taught to feed instructions about what we want for it to do. Once I give the brain an order I gone about my business and forget about it, because as they say, the brain does what you tell it to do, and if it can be done, the brain will do it. Do you talk to your brain???
  • mmartinez93
    This was a very interesting read! I myself can see that working im not sure if its wishful thinking or what but the mind is the most powerful thing in the world it can build you up or break you down. Much love to you in your journey