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  • bubbadog66
    I come on this sight to get insight and education about MS. Thought it weird that no one has started a new conversation in a few days....holidays right around the corner, end of another year, and no one was "bored" enough to begin one...hmmm. Ok, I'll do it!

    Last year i was only a few weeks into knowing my years of challenges and difficulties were all in my head. No, i wasn't crazy insane like i believed and was led to problems were really all in my head (& spine)....i have MS. Sigh of relief like a double edged sword. My MS finally presented itself in a way where i was forced into an early retirement in the middle of my adult 30 year plan so to speak.

    In that time i've learned lots about myself and MS, especially about myself with MS....crazy insane new beginings. My second neurologists is a real human being and a real neurologist... he figures i've had this MS thing for at least one if not two decades given the numerous legions and such. Yup, not a fun time the adjustment.

    All i can do is find the humor in EVERY one unpredictable moment at a time as they present themselves so i don't cry. A good cry is very cleansing when the situation at hand warrants...nothing wrong with that.

    Gratitude and acceptance have become my strongest tools and key for glimpses into moments of serenity....really it works, A-Z Gratitude Lists to help me accept those things i cannot change.

    Risk always preceeds reward. Besides, it is none of my business what people think about me. Yeah, i have a placard and park right up close to the door....i look great!?...sure, let's trade places for a day!!!! Fun, fun, fun. Not every moment will look graceful, that's what practice, practice and practice some more is all one is perfect. With age comes experience and wisdom...until you "get" MS at age 51 and have to start life all over again. Just an "inconvenient" is all happening for a reason.

    Great news is i heard that no one typically dies as a direct result of having MS...we die from one of the many other causes of death...i've heard of a few cases where someone with MS was murdered, poor fellow.

    I'm in the northeast (Maine)....we getting ice then snow then rain and more ice and then more snow for Christmas....followed by several days of single digit temps....lived around here my whole life....maybe i am REALLY insane. Hey, someone's gotta live here right!!?? Vit D very lacking outdoors. Still liking and rocking the snow angels....good therapy for all of 2 minutes while it lasts at my age. 
  • beaurylancambria
    I could never live there. I was so sad to learn that heat is bad for people with MS. Fortunately for me, I am once again a square peg in a round hole. I am virtually symptom free late spring until fall. Once it gets cold, not so much. I have always hated winter, so I guess it's just one more reason. I am curious, what impact does weather have on your MS?
  • bubbadog66
    The extreme heat and cold affects/worsens my MS symptoms.

    The heat presents itself differently than the cold... heat makes my fatigue worse than usual or typical. My balance suffers too.

    The cold makes my legs and feet "disappear" in a painful way...again affecting my mobility, gait and balance. My hands seem to tremor uncontrolably more.

    My daughter is in middle school so moving to a more "MS friendly" climate is part of a 6 year plan i believe and won't be a viable solution any time soon....grrrr.

    Spring and fall seem almost "normal"'s actually less extreme and more manageable.

    Accept the things i cannot change, right!!??
  • beaurylancambria
    Funny how life works. We are the same age and you have a child in middle school, while I have a grandchild in middle school. Merry Christmas bubbadog!
  • gabrielle519
    Thanks for sharing, Bubbadog! I don't mind the cold but the ice is never good for undercoordination. If I fall it isn't the MS its the darn ice. I live in Ohio so its not terrible we have a lot of good weather not too cold or hot which is nice. The heat is hard on me also makes my fatigue ten times worse. I can't do anything when its hot outside because after I do one little thing I'm ready for a nap.

    I get the starting life over or at least learning to live a different life over. My world stopped for a year when I wasn't working and honestly was just trying to survive because a doctor told me that my worsening symptoms were litterally in my head when really they were in my spine. I worked hard to get back to a semi normal life. I work full time but I can't retire at 29 I would have to go on disablity and well that is not an option. I will continue to work until I can't or my life changes and I don't need to work.

    Everyone is different but I feel like if I didn't work I would lay in bed all day feeling sorry for myself. I have a great job working with cancer patients. I feel like I can relate to these people on a different level because of all my experiences. When I want to complain (although I still do) I think of some of my patients and I don't feel a need to complain anymore. The truth is I want to make them feel the compassion and hope that my nurses and doctors gave me. I want them to be able to have someone to complain too that won't take it personally because I know how hard life is for them right now as they fight for there life.

    Oh dear I'm babbling. I wanted to say something for Christmas, so thank you bubbadog for saying something first. I had a great Christmas and I hope everyone else did too or a great holiday. It took a few years for me to get to this point with MS where I can honestly say life is good! Merry Christmas, happy new year, happy holidays!
  • shiloh
    Take extra vit D...with MS your levels are lower than normal. I take 5000mg a day. It's normal to feel like you do...we all have set-backs where we don't want to be here anymore. Depression...stupid side effect. I'm on meds for that too. We all have to do whatever we can to make it through the rough times. Prayer definately helps.
  • capitolcarol
    Brr, I could never live there.  I just have never been able to tolerate the cold.  I'm glad you are keeping your spirits up.  I'm concerned that you are not taking enough Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D which are really necessary for us with MS.