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  • maria1
    Without warning the storm clouds appear, an applause of thunder so loud it shakes the ground, torrential downpour of rain washes away road, landslides move rock and debris, everything in its path, rivers are diverted over farmlands, bridges washed out, hills levelled. The first responders rush in, to first make a path where once there was a road, maps are no longer useful, there is nothing there but mud, no houses, no stores, no libraries, no post office, no park, no pond. One days weather  and all must be rebuilt, but first a path must be laid to find and assess the damage to see who is still there and in need of aide, a fish alongside a bicycle rack, trees knocked over by the weight of the mud or the branches sliced in half by lightning.

    ​One days weather and now more than five years of work to rebuild, first a road then pipes for water and waste and power, then homes, shops, hospitals, churches, parks, libraries and industry. Some of the roads can be repaired and rebuilt but the constant use while still weak will strain the already wobbly surface. Some roads will not be repaired but new routes established into those areas, new ways to old places. Some areas are so filled with rubble and debris there is nothing to save them, new valleys or hills where once there were none. It is a slow proccess weaving anew path to old places with some places now totally inaccessable, at least for now, but with new technology they may be reached tomorrow.

    ​ms, like the perfect storm, hits without warning doing all the damage in an instant and then the computer part of our brain must begin the task of rebuilding the routes, the pathways to send messages to the different parts of the body to tell them what to do and when. 

    ​There is always reference to comparing doctors to auto mechanics saying the difference is that doctors work on engines while they are running. The body is always running and the brain is working on fixing what is wrong while doing all those other daily tasks, like breathing. You have survived the perfect storm, you will need time to rebuild. 

    ​[so what do you think of that ah ha moment I got? It took more than fifty years to link up with that analogy, giggle]
  • lveglatte
    Well done, Maria!!
  • bubbadog66
    SWEET...Maria.....great writing, could visualize the whole mess amist my "perfect storm" i got going on....giggle
  • oldhippie
    Ah Ha, Maria you just defined me. As always you wright so well and to the point I only wish I could writ as well as I feel that I do have things to say but I’am unable to find the words this in my mind and get them to print.
     THE PERFECT STORM, Ah how perfect a title as in that you have defined exactly how I feel about the past five years of my life. Now if I could only get my body to hear my brain and do what it’s told.
    Frank (oldhippi)