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  • bubbadog66
    Sundays for me are the "end" of the week. I have the "luxury problem" of "nothing" going on and do lots of self reflection.

    In the past week or so i realize i've made some rather "big" small changes to self, by self.

    Today, i'm in my second week off the cigarettes .... not going as "bad" as i thought it might....only have to do it for today, one moment at a time actually. Already enjoying some of the positive changes to my lifestyle that would elude me if i were still smoking. Hear it is my best bet to prolong needing a wheelchair 24/7 to get around, hoping it is true for me.

    Today, i have to shave my entire face in preparation of leaving the house the next three days for planned appointments (some "fun" some not that much problems). This past Weds my wife cut/shaved off ALL the hair on my head and face....haven't appeared this "clean cut" in years!!! Bonus is my daughter loves the "new me"...i've gone from being an "old homeless bum" to a that's progress. Liking the reactions of people who have never seen me look this way either!! Fun stuff.

    I started a VERY light exersize thing....thought i'd try 10 pushups initially with a goal for 50/day in one year, realistic....right!? Had to settle for 5/day because i've become so weak....squeaked out 6 of them today and the effort to do so felt "easier"....hmmmmm. I do arm exersizes as well with a pulley deal....up to 15/day from 10 when i started a few weeks ago.

    Yep, baby steps towards forward motion. It all seems insignificant to me until i looked at it today. It's three huge positive changes to be grateful for. I'm just so grateful TODAY that i have things to be grateful for. That i'm NOT consumed by life 365 days ago was consumed by crisis... i was still awaiting approval for my 1st DMT and my mind raced crazy fast about & over all the POWERLESSNESS of being newly diagnosed. 

    Still newly diagnosed in that my MS still "defines" me more moments than not....but "things" are starting to make more sense and feel more manageable. I put lots of energy into educating myself to the place where i'm just "Joe w/ MS"....not "i've got MS and my name is Joe" if that makes sense....hmmmm....makes perfect sense to me! I want to reach a place where i "look so good" new people don't even suspect i have MS more days than not.

    Progress not perfection. The fact that i experience a little peace of mind is huge for me...actually i think it's a miracle given i've come from a place of constant struggle with hopelessness, for me gratitude and humor are key...i'm not that important - just an "average Joe"........
  • maria1
    So, why do you wait for one day a week for self reflection? Isnt that too late for what happened seven days ago? Have you ever seen a model walk dow a runway? Have you noticed how she(mostly she) very carefully puts one foot exactly in front of the other, one step precisely, perfectly in front of the other, do you think she waited a week to pay attention to the step, giggle.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi bubbadog66 - 

    Thanks for sharing the positive changes you are making with us! Making those BIG small changes is not always easy; your perspective is great!

    All my best,
    MS Navigator Stephanie