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  • oldhippie
      Ah the little thing’s I have alway’s for granite in my everyday life. Little thing’s that I would just do without even thinking about it, as in fixing something to eat and then really abel to eat it instead of warning it? Or maybe it’s trying to fit in with crowd and try and not look like an odor fool and not say do something that you should have done.
      I just today found myself caught in the middle of something I really wanted no part of, but it had to be done and I was the only one available to do it! So I went against my own feeling’s and rented a cab to take me to pickup my daughter from school and bring back home where has been sleeping since about 1:30 pm shortly after we got home.
      Now I normally would not have a problem in do this but in the last few years it become vary hard for me to walk for amount of time, getting in and out a car has become an unbelievable and in some cases vary painful experience me all of the time.
      I would go on here as I so many little thing’s that I can’t find the words for them but would like to.
  • anywhereoutofthisworld
    I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in late July of 2017 after a brain MRI came back showing lots of MS lesions and a spinal tap came back positive for high amounts of elevated protein 'o' bands. Due to the amount of lesions & 'o' bands, my neurologist believes I'd actually had MS for quite some time. I completely relate to your sentiments here. I too used to take for granted many things and since my last relapse (in May of last year), it all is more of a struggle. Cognitively as well as physically (I also have cervical spinal stenosis). I have to plan stuff out in advance that I think most my age wouldn't need to. I also feel like because of sheer fatigue like everything becomes an exercise in exhaustion. I am sure many other folks on here have the same struggles and likely even more on any given day. When I look back, I definatley should've seen MS coming but I wrote off so much of symptoms and I payed for it last May.
  • oldhippie
    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply back to you but I seem to have just lost track of time. Ah yes   
    I lay down for a nap and wake up and don’t really know what time or even what day it is. I can relat and see the same story with me, it seem’s as I probably had a vary mild case of M.S. for a long time in my life but know one ever saw it. Now I have a hard time with that idea seeing as I a over the road truck driver and had to have a thorough physical check up every two year’s and nothing showed up. 
     I had a fall one time and was sent for a lot of test to see if they could figur out why (CT scan, MRI of both the brain and upper spine and a lot of other’s) and not a word about M.S. . Now they showed me the M.R.I. And there were lesion’s on my brain and on the spinal cord bur once again not one word about M.S., ho and by the way no one ever told me wye I fell and hurt my head??
    Now all of this started (Humm, maybe twenty-five year’s ago and yet no one has ever mentioned the possibility of M.S. or for that matter any reason for me falling down or tripping over my own two feet. Not until I was in an auto accident and suffered Trumatic Brain Injury, and then all of a sudden my known and documented T.B.I.became P.P.M.S. And now me having a T.B.I. Has gone away and the only thing any Dr. will talk about M.S.
     I have over last five year’s done a lot research and reading about the P.P.M.S. And T.B.I. Symptoms and have found the many of the symptoms of P.P.M.S. And T.B.I are the same, so with that being known “how is it that one out weight’s the other”?
    Oh I know, it is easier for a Dr. to talk about a well documented disease that no Dr. can fix then to even tough on something that know one seems want work with, a Brain injury can not be fixed but your brain be retrained and learn how to move ahead. I have spent the last five year’s retraining my brain and some of things have gotten better over time and some have not, but that’s life.
    Frank (oldhippie)
  • maria1
    Frank, thank you for sharing. Working through the hard stuff and retraining the brain is a job and a half. Your posts show how difficult the journey is, and how rewarding. You have a lot of courage, it is nice to know you.