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  • cmay2213
    Hello, I am looking for people who have lived with MS for years and could answer simple questions I have about daily life, parenting, activities, healthy food habits (I don't have any) along with help with some experience about how to self treat some systems I have numbness and tingling sometimes hard to walk. I have hand braces to help with the numbness in my hands but I'm looking for some other ideas along with help with ideas on my walking. I also would just like to discuss daily life and how people live with MS
  • Monica_A
    Hi Cmay2213,

    We have a whole crew of peer support volunteers waiting to speak with you by clicking on "Support" at the top of this page.  Additionally, you can also call MSFriends, a peer support telephone helpline that is open 9 a.m. to midnight, ET.  1-866-673-7436 or 1-866-MSFriends.

    I hope this helps!

  • maria1
    Hemp oil  cream may give some relief for the tingling and numbness. Many of us have found a cane is a great tool, especially standing in line at a store or bank, it helps conserve energy and gives some security. I have used one and two canes at times, then none. Daily life is full of surprises all the time. Expect nothing every day, it helps allay disappointment. Some days some things work and some days some things dont work, surprise every day. Living from minute to minute has helped me. Being in the now, right here right now, living now works too. And take nothing for granted. Some days the batteries wont work, other days they are full steam ahead. Simplifying your life, by finding the fastest easiest way to get the job done. Ask for help, and try to always remember to say thank you, caregivers give of themselves and they dont have to. And smile or giggle as often as you can, it brightens everyone's day. But, when you feel miserable, say so, dont lie about what is going on, neither to yourself nor your loved ones.
  • gabrielle519
    Hello Cmay2213,

    You came to the right place, I was diagnosed half way through nursing school. I had a bad doctor that wasn't an MS specialist. My symptoms got so bad I was unable to work. Then a miracle came and swept me off my feet and I got into a really good doctor who made an appointment for me at a MS center. I finally got the treatment I needed. I got physical and occupational therapy. I had a pyschologist and psychiatrist. I was on the right medication. It has been a long time now since I relasped. I recently started eating heatlhy and have lost weight. I went to a dietician who really helped me fine tune my diet. I feel great. I take medication to treat my restless leg syndrom, fatigue, and muscle spasms.

    Ideas on your walking try physical therapy. They have braces for foot drop. Plus they can show you exercises to build up leg muscles. Thanks Good luck!

  • justdiagnosed
    Out on Wednesday so I’ll have to see what daily life throws at me but no pain or anything yet I’ve been told that’s In the post though I Havnt got any kids or anything so the plan is to fill my days with positive stuff to help the symptoms and not to just say screw this im screwed anyway I might aswell get drunk basically to not be like lieutenant dan from forest gump 
  • gabrielle519

    Sorry that last part was funny don't be like that guy drinking doesn't solve any problems because when you wake up they are still there. By the way there is so much research I don't think we are screwed. Maybe some day they will be growing myelin to reverse some of the damage :)
  • justdiagnosed
    It’s a solid plan b don’t get me wrong but shall see what happens with this disease first and yes a cure would certainly put a spring in my step do you not think it’s gonna be in the form of some stem cell procedure though or rebooting the immune system and getting rid of the defective one 
  • lveglatte
    Hi, welcome to this community. You will get a lot of good informtion and support here. I have been living with MS for a long time. I was diagnosed in 1985 and have lived a full live. I have had a long marriage and had and raised my son. It has not always been easy, but it can be done. You have two little people that need you. I would recommend a healthy diet, exercise, physical therapy if your doctor prescribes it and learning to manage stress (not so easy, I know, with young children) but it can make your life so much better.  MS does not like stress. You need to take good care of yourself so you can be the best mother you can be. Take a nap when your one year old naps. Ask or help when you need it. There's no way to predict MS progression, but if you try to live a healthy lifestyle, it can only be to your benefit. Good luck to you, Linda
  • caroline-peer
    Hi, I also suffer from hand numbness and spasticity issues as well as heavy legs which can be difficult to walk. My advice to you would be to know your limits, listen to you body and slow down when you aren’t feeling so great. Do exercises that help with balance such as yoga and just eat healthy so you feel well and have energy! 
  • capitolcarol
    Physical therapy will help you with your gait, balance, and coordination when you are trying to walk.  The therapists will give you homework (exercises) which will really help you a lot, plus give you confidence, and also you will definitely need a cane to use.