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  • mkaymkaymkay
    Hello. I didn’t know who else to tell this because I feel like no one understands really of being their future unknown. I am to graduate with my Bachelors in Psychology and want to apply for Masters in Social Work, with hopes of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. But I am terrified. I am scared of going through all the trouble, paying/getting loans/ only to drop out or have my MS get in the way of pursuing my further studies. I experience the daily symptoms but no one would guess I have MS. It’s worse because I noticed my speaking skills have deteriorated, where constantly i find myself stuggling to find the right words to express my thoughts in conversations, class discussions and even when writing papers. It’s very painful because I was so good at writing and giving presentations. This has also lead to me participating less in class because I forget what I want to say or what I want to say does not come out the way I had imagined. I don’t know what to do or who to speak to because I am one of the first to pursue a higher education (in this country) from my family. I don’t want my family to be scared or to have pity for me. But i know it would look suspicious if I didn’t go further in my studies. I really want to but I’m just so scared of my future. It feels like a scary gamble where through all my struggles i feel like i will just manage both my ms and school & career, or just end up with a massive debt & a worsened condition. Please help me by sharing your experiences. This was the only place i feel safe and understood
  • MS_Navigators
    Good Morning,

    Congratulations on your future plans! There are many individuals who successfully complete their degree despite having MS. You may want to consider reaching out to the universities and asking them what type of accommodations they offer those living with disabilities, as this differs at each institute. 
    You can read more about accommodations here: Accommodations. These do focus more heavily on the workplace, but may give you some ideas of items you may need. If you ever have questions, please call 1-800-344-4867 to speak to an MS Navigator.

    Warm Regards, MS Navigator
  • Rasha-Fetouh
    Hey,  I'm so sorry for this.. I just want to tell you that I'm suffering the same fears and terrible thoughts, I'm afraid of not being able to proceed my job as I find difficulties in saying what I want,  I have memory and concentration problems, and always extremely sleepy which I should not have as a project manager runs lots of projects and managing them... My CEO started getting sick of me.. Plus I'm a single mom who's totally responsible on her kid financially... I'm scared... And I'm also scared of having more disabilities on the long run... But ,I'll try my best to keep up with what will help slow down the symptoms and keep my head fresh... Like vitamins and fiber foods and keep up with what's new with MS medications, you too have to do that and have high hopes in yourself, I found out that when I focus on my problems it increases... So I have to stay optimistic and ambitious regardless of my fears, I have to ignore my fears most of the time to continue doing what i love because my fears will stop me, put me down and will kill me slowly ,even will make me disabled if I'm not totally. 
    I even got a violin , because it was my dream to have one and start learning to play the music I love,  regardless the trembling I have in my hands and the numbing I hahave most of the time in my left arm... Because I have to live as I wish to . ❤
  • mkaymkaymkay
    Thank you so much for sharing your story! 
    I have a child also, only two years old, he doesn’t understand anything that’s wrong with me but I don’t want him to grow up seeing my bad experiences only. I want to provide the best for him too and continue with my studies to set a good example. But, it’s extremely terrifying and exhausting sometimes. I am so thankful for you for writing to me! I don’t know how you do it, I hope everything gets better for you💜 People like you inspire me, the single parents that are so selfless & overcome any obstacle thrown at them to take care of their child. Don’t give up! & Does your company have an HR representative you can talk to? I wish people were more understanding☹️
  • Rasha-Fetouh
    You are so welcomed my dear ,
    My son doesn't know anything about me, and I'll never let him know that until he becomes a man, I don't want him to think that one day I won't be able to raise him or to help him in anything or that one day I can't be the mother he needs... But deep in my heart I feel that I'm stronger to be broken by MS so early... And that to beat it I have to ignore it and move on with my life,  my ambitions and my dreams. 
    Don't let it put you down, your engine is your kid, God bless him/her , keep em infront of your eyes , always, and keep MS Behind you... I'll pray for you ,and I'm wishing you a great success in your life in all its aspects.PM me whenever you need to vent ❤
  • Rasha-Fetouh
    Speaking of the HR, he feels for me, the thing is, this disease isn't known here because it's rare here in Egypt .But I'm thinking of a healthy diet and meds like Arcalion to make my memory and concentration gets better and so keep up with work. Thank you so much for asking! 
  • mkaymkaymkay
    It’s apparently very common here in the US.  My neurologist is conducting a study where they’re observing MS in the African-American population, because they want to compare it to the people in Africa. Apparently it is a very rare disease in Africa. Do you happen to have MS treatments in Egypt? I hope you have health insurance there, honestly my insurance has made my treatment so much easier. I have MRIs done every 6months. I am on Tysabri, it basically tries to prevent relapses so I have to get a blood test every three months but I can’t be on it forever. I know they have Tysabri in Turkey, & i know you are separated by sea. And i suggest you also visit like you said with vitamins and diet, this page has also helped me. I really hope they find the cure to this disease. And I understand your concerns about not letting your son know to avoid scaring him. When I was told i had MS, all I thought about was not being able to run to my son and picking him up. It’s very frustrating, I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy. I’m sure your son will grow up strong and appreciate your sacrifices and hard work. One bittersweet part about this is that we will raise children who won’t judge others without knowing their struggles. Thank you once again! And yes, i most definitely will reach out to you. Please feel free to write to me also, anytime. Be well, stay strong💜
  • Rasha-Fetouh
    Thank you for your kind thought 😍
    About the insurance, yes I have but within limits, I have other problems and I visit many doctors, so I'll run out of insurance limit soon, but I'm not that pessimistic about it, about MS meds,  I don't know any,  I'll visit a doctor specialized in MS in 2 weeks, she'll tell me all about it , the neurologist I was following up with, recommended Solumedrol 1g for 5 days - slow injectionand - and then I kept reducing the dose with Solupred tablets and I just finished it a week ago , it didn't help in anything except for the terrible motion sickness which leads to a kind of paralysis from head to toe ,other than that nothing really changed,  so I'll see with the other doc about meds, diet,  habits to avoid and what kind sports or exercises which might help in reducing the attacks and slowing them down ... I'll also ask her about your condition and what would help you and me in speech stumbling, memory and concentration problems and if I got useful info and recommendations I'll notify you about them. Thank you once again 😘