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  • maria1
    Has your doctor recommended you take alpha lipoic acid? Are you familiar with its benefits and uses?
  • hopeful23
    I was only recommended vit d and biotin. I bought lipoic acid and maybe  thinking of taking. Your thoughts?
  • mkaymkaymkay
    I take it because of my own research, my neurologist doesn't know I'm taking it, not hiding it but don't care to share. I also read the reviews of customers on amazon before purchasing it. It honestly sounds like the miracle pill but I don't notice anything worse or better (I don't notice anything most of the time at all because I'm always busy, have few minutes to think even). Now that I actually think about it, I don't have as many problems emotionally while I take my vitamins. Thanks for reminding me to take them, I'll start again religiously tomorrow! My neurologist only suggested vitamin D3, B complex, and B6 for some time only. I suggest these research studies/clinical trials on the effect of Alpha Lipoic Acid on MS:​

    also this one  "Effect of lipoic acid consumption on oxidative stress among multiple sclerosis patients: A randomized controlled clinical trial."

  • maria1
    The neuro I see, put me on 600mg daily, what are you taking mk?tg
  • mkaymkaymkay
    I also take two 600 mg (brand: doctor’s best) daily (when i take them).
  • maria1
    It is said to help nerve function and reduce nerve pain. Its main use is for diabetic neuropathy causing sensory changes, stinging, burning and numbness on the skin.(webmd)
  • waltzing_matilda
    No and Yes, in that order.  EVERYONE should be getting ALA in their diet, regardless of health status.