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  • waltzing_matilda

    I am looking for a contractor to install a walk-in bathtub in my (rental) apartment.  I have permission from my landlord.  I'm having trouble finding a contractoe that I trust to do this work.  Has anyone done this?  Are you eilling to share your experiences?

    I had one installed in the house I shared with my soon to be ex husband.  The tub cost a little over 4K and the installation was bundled into the cost of renovating the entire home,  It was in a different part of the country.  I have no frame of reference for prices in my new home,  The first bid I got was 27K!  That's crazy and I don;t trust it.  Has anyone else had a different experience?

    I NEED a walk in tub.  Without it I will never be able to take a bath again.  That thought makes me overwhelmingly sad.

  • MS_Navigators
    Hi there!

    You can search for a contractor using our resources tool here (select Mobility and Accessibility/Builders): 

    Find Doctors & Resources

    You can also give us a call for additional resources, and possible funding assistance programs: 1 800 344 4867

    Jess, MS Navigator