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  • echobird
    Ok I've been having these really bad headaches for a few months now and getting more spastic and stress has been getting to me. I mentioned to my nephew last Thursday about taking me to the hospital and then I even made sure to ask his friend about dog sitting and my nephews attitude is always the same. Your not that bad off!! 😡😡 I'm so fed up with the way he dismisses my health problems and then gets mad at me because at this point they want to send me to a nursing home. And he's worried about a paycheck. And not about my wellbeing. So let's get started I've been getting these spasms so bad that I fall allot into the walls or floor. This last Sunday I almost went through a window I don't know how I was lucky enough to miss it. So I dropped the oj I was trying to drink then I fell down between the fridge and a chair and window. I was having spasms in my left arm and leg then my eye and mouth went lopsided. And my nephew had the gal to get mad at me. And instead of being concerned with my wellbeing as I said he seemed more worried about losing his job taking care of me. It really hurt the way he came off. Then my bladder has completely gone
    on me I soaked myself last night then again today in the MRI machine this was the second one on myself. This time they did my whole spine with and without contrast. I was supposed to have gone into the orthopedic surgeon for my back last year but he refused to take me. This is his M.O. He hasn't even taken me to the store in months I have to just give him a list and only get half of what's on it. Then they've still been gang stalking me and trying to convince me that I'm insane so they can try and still my house away from me. Anyways I'm talking to the social worker tomorrow about everything. And I'm to the point of giving away all of my dogs or getting someone else to help me up that my family doesn't know.
  • maria1
    They know how to push your buttons, they for sure, know how to get you riled up so now you have to turn that around. How can you look at what they say and make a joke about it? How can you laugh at it? He needs a paycheck, that puts you in control. You are not beholden to them. Separate yourself mentally from them, they are not important. Your health and well being is important to you, focus on that. You already know, they want your house, they cant put you anywhere. 

    Please practice deep breathing and drinking plenty of water and relax. Focus on relaxing, relax all your muscles, quiet your mind, they are just noise. Make believe you are strangling them, making believe is okay as long as you dont do it, ha ha. You havent the strength. Iwas on the subway one day and a very large person sitting next to me had her elbow almost in my face, (that was when I was much much smaller). i was getting angrier and angrier and the elbow persisted, then I thought about biting her elbow and ripping off the skin with my teeth like a lion. I began to giggle to myself and all of a sudden she moved her elbow and arm so I had my own space. 

    How about telling your nephew to behave or you will break off his leg and beat him with it?

    Thinking doesnt make it so, and civilized persons dont act on everything they think otherwise all those violent movies would not get made, so enjoy the fantasy and see what happens.
  • echobird
    Well I like the ata boy encouragement. But I'm now in a nursing home and they feel it can be a while. As for my issue at hand I've been struggling with muscle problems and facel drupping left side of my body. It causes severe spasms or arm and legs jump in the air and I scream from the pain. But check this out. I had 97 oxycodone left after 30 days because truthful I don't like getting hi I try everything else normally that is over the counter and try and take half of my diazepam. Afraid of being called a druggie because my family used to always call my one. But I'm gonna go for now and edit later.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi echobird,

    I know I've offered before, but we would be happy to provide support and resources to you, give our MS Navigator program a call at 1 800 344 4867 anytime!

    Jess, MS Navigator
  • RQManchester
    Don't let them have your house.  Consult a lawyer -- fix a new will -- remove them as your power of attorney.  Go in that nursing home so that they lose that house -- just don't let them have your house!
  • echobird
    These nursing home's suck. Was woken up by a nurse bumping into the bed and a pissed myself again!! I'm so fed up. I actually asked about getting a phone book and was going to leave then the one that did that halfasssed apologized and said she'd fix the bed. I was wandering around waiting for over an hour and she walked right by me and ignored me and went to her locker or brake room this was after waiting over an hour. I think that she was mad that I even said anything to her. So I feel like I should ask you all do I say something to the social worker or not I might be here a while. Unfortunately I keep getting this severe back issues and then having spasms really bad and left sided weakness. All I want is to be better so I can be able to walk right and fix my house up and show my brother that even with this stupid disease I can do something. But I've been so weak I really don't know what to expect. As of yesterday I've fallen out 6 times in the last 5 days. I did steroids but they didn't help.
  • maria1
    I sure do wsih for you the best and soon. And the relief you need immediately. It would be nice if they had an answer that we did not have, and you have happiness instead of pain. Thank you for keeping in touch we are all rooting for you.
  • capitolcarol
    echobird - I am so sorry to hear that  you are in a nursing home.  I was rooting for you and praying that you could win over that thankless nephew, who doesn't give you respect you deserve nor care about  you and your declining health issues.  In response to your having a full spine MRI, why doesn't that ortheopedic surgeon want to do surgery on you?  It seems like he specializes in it so I would think that he would want to go ahead and have you as a patient.  Have you done additional research into possibly interviewing another orthopedic surgeon?  Hopefully, you can find a surgeon that can help you.  But, I wonder if orthopedic surgery will help you deal with your other issues, like spasms.  Also, please talk to someone, legal or otherwise that will prevent your nephew from taking away your house.  And please think twice about giving away your dogs, you will need and treasure them as they will comfort you.  I am so glad to hear that you will be talking to a social worker, if you haven't already.  Please let us know how that interaction turned out.  Take care! 
  • echobird
    Actually it's not the orthopedic surgeons fault my nephew was supposed to take me and then refused! He had been drinking and messed up his cooling fans on his car and never fixed it. I'm trying to hire a new caregiver for now. And I don't think that I would trust anyone in my family again. Not after what I've been through from them.
  • maria1
    I am of the opinion that you ought to trust your feelings, the damned if you do and damned if you dont scenario. If you want to scream and yell, do so. Nurses dont change bedding anymore so when a housekeeping staff fails to do a job remember that they dont make a lot of money and are as all nursing home staff, underpaid and overworked. In those places it is a good plan to befriend some of the staff. Especially if it is a for profit nursing home.

    They also may have only one social worker for the whole facility. Like in marriage, choose your battles. 

    Again, if it will make you feel better, complain. If you watch the staff you can get an idea what kind of place you are in, if they look miserable you need to choose your battles carefully. If they seem human you should be comfortable. Also remember on weekends they are usually short staffed.