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  • echobird
    Hi all I'm still stuck in a nursing home. They're aware of what's been happening to me at home in regards to my nephew and then the rest of the family gang stalking me to neglecting me as well as the neglect and bullying and being taken advantage of. See before it was just little ol me. Then my friend Peter actually phoned the social worker and talked with her and came down to the nursing home with his wife even and Sat and we discussed everything that's been going on. Well that's all it took and the social worker wants to file charges and I asked her to please wait that I really didn't want to go that route if all possible. She agreed to hold off as Long as I replaced him and  the stuff stopped.
     Well they have decided to make me long term because physical therapy has done what they can and I'm not really going to improve much more according to them. So now as to this mess I'm in. I have to wait a day or two more before the last woman I interviewed gets back into town. She's in L.A. visiting family I guess. 
    And it's been really hard on me. They've lost almost all of my clothes then the Dr finally came to see me a week later and never did the orders like she was supposed to. I need breathing treatments and she never ordered them or my meds right. I needed my bladder control pills never ordered them and the list never ends. I'll up this later have to go to the bathroom and I feel like passing out too.
  • capitolcarol
    echobird - I am so sorry that you are stuck in a nursing home.  I don't understand how your nephew managed to get so much control.  And your not being able to get your pills or treatments is appalling.  So now you are going to be listed as long term.  Is that going to help you?  And  you are interviewing someone?  Is that person going to help you?  
  • echobird
    Well he had help my entire family has been gang stalking me and messing with me and talking trash! They've been doing this since at least 2016. At first I thought it wad the nehber I was hearing then the guy moved away with his girlfriend and I evicted my old roommates. I've been living alone since October of 2017 yet they continue and I recognize my family's voices and they just want to screw with me. I think to try and take my house from me. And when I complained all of a sodden they are all busy talking up a storm. First thought that they were doing it to decide wether to give me or moms old house and I tell them to shove it up you no what and leave me alone then they try and tell me I'm crazy like are mom. Well I've spoken with the social worker and a friend of mine also did and she believes me. And she's told me she wants to bring adolt protective services in and file charges and I'm to the point of saying yes I don't care anymore. I've been more than nice about this and I'm talking to them this  Wednesday at 3 that way aps worker can come in as well.
  • maria1
    Hello echobird, If we are lucky it is stress causing all the problems and tomorrow will help change those circumstances. Family affects everything we are and I hope they are the solution for you, and that the social workers can fix it so you feel some relief. 

    And sometimes, juist knowing that there are others in our corner rooting for us helps us to feel better, hope that is true now, that you know we are in your corner rooting for you to feel better soon.
  • echobird
    A Maria I have a great friend he's been there through the years and I made another friend about a year ago and he's been so kind him and his wife are like parents to me and I have been able to talk to them about anything!! And that's what you call a true friend not judging me or yelling at me but trying to inspire me instead!! Between my one friend that's been so patient and loving and a true inspiration as well I think more than anything I have the most admiration for both of them. On like my family that has made me feel lower than a dog. They don't understand anything I feel like. But my wife she's loved me through thick and thin and I was able to be honest with her and finally felt strong enough to open up to her about things from childhood and on that I've been keeping buried for fear of her really hating me more than ever. It's actually that I have been able to have a social worker to talk to and great nurse's to keep me from having a total breakdown.