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  • echobird
    Ok so after I fired my nephew he got mad and told me that I didn't give a crap about him nor my great niece's. And he said that he spent $1500 n my house and wanted it back. Then demanded it then said he was taking the title to my truck until I paid him. I don't mind him hanging onto something as collateral. But to jusr act like the way he did really hurt me. I was the one stuck in the nursing home and not allowed to go home until I replaced him. The social worker was going to call adult protection against him for abuse and neglect. And if they did that then he could've lost his kids. But facts are facts. I was going to ***** tight until I could get some one to say they were going to take care of me. 
    I though this guy was a match but after meeting my nephew because he was at my house when we got here he never came back. I think that my nephew scared him. He's threatened myself before over the job. I know it was a while back but it's still in my head and I'm still afraid of him at times. Anyways I'll update this tomorrow. But yes my family has still been messing with my head. Also when I complained before and wanted to replace him he'd ether threatened to beat me up or threatened to destroy my house and smash all the drywall. Then my family has been trying to drive me insane so that they can try and do a conservativersip on me. He was being paid to take me to the doctors and grocery shopping and refused to do it. I'd have to beg and then be told no. And this has been going on for years.  Then I have needed to go into the dentist for dentures but I couldn't even count on him for that. My neurologists told him as well as my sister that I needed surgery on my spine so I could stop having all of these spasms and be able to walk and able to drive again. But that's ok I can't do that because he refused to take me with to renew my license even though he went there anyways. It's not that I need to be behind the wheel but if I need it for my medical records I could show it. And then my family's been trying to claim I need 24 hour care but yet he was supposed to be here to take care of me 7 -8 hour's a day not sure he never showed me my hour's just had me sign the time card. And was only here 3-4 hour's a day 5 days a week if I was lucky. And when he was here he'd be drinking beer from the minute he got here until he left.  And I went through an abusive relationship were my x girlfriend would physical and mentally abuse me. Then degrade me and then I had to go through all of that same abuse and neglect from him and my own family. And his mom knew what was happening and was going along with it all. Then they sent some women to the nursing home I was stuck in because of the neglect and everything claiming that she was looking to replace my nephew and take over as my caregiver but she was lying to me then tried to lie to the social worker at the nursing home. And now they've been trying to make stuff up and try and throw me out of me own home after paying for it for over 10 years. Oh did I mention that the lady that they sent to con me claiming she worked for the county actually bought the house behind my place and turned it into another bed and breakfast. And they've been talking about doing the same with my house. Tomorrow morning I think I need to talk to my social worker again from the nursing home and the one from adult services.
  • maria1
    Did you ask him for receipts? 

    Alcoholics are tough to deal with, their brain are corrupted enough that it is difficult to reach them. The question is: How do you get an alcoholic to take responsibility for their life?  You can not be the enabler, do not let him get away with anything. Call the police if you must. Do not have any alcohol in your home. Call the police. Change the locks on your home. When you call the police warn them that he is an alcoholic. 
  • echobird
    I agree with you there and I'm just trying to keep the peace and let go even if it takes me a while. I have tried to get my act together and it's been hard when you have to worry about someone. I just hope that things change for the better for the both of us. Maybe not having to deal with the stress of everything and everyone's b.s. and games will help. I have to find a balance so to speak. And yes I still have my medical issues that I need to take care of and hopefully with this new worker it will be good her whole life has been around taking care of sick people and people that has had issues in there past to overcome. I just hope that my family will recognize it as a blessing in the end. And can allow me to improve my life instead of trying to distroy my life.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi echobird.  Speaking again with the social workers from the nursing home and adult protective services is a great idea.  I also think Maria brings up a good point about calling police if you feel unsafe. I saw your comment on Maria's post as well and am glad for this new worker.  It sounds like she will be very helpful. Wishing you the best, take good care of yourself!
  • echobird
    Thank you very much but I don't think that I need to call the cops and if it did come to that then ok. But believe it or not he's been a good kid but just not with me. I think he resented having the burden of taking care of me and didn't know how to work with me. This new worker is exactly what I needed to tell you the truth and it gives him a break from me witch I think he really needed. I just wish that we could had been able to have left on better terms.