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  • echobird
    Finally I have not one but two worker's. That way I know that I'm taken care of right. I have to thank God for it. I know that my family isn't happy because they've been trying to destroy my life. They've harassed me and neglected me then tried to convince me that if I went in for my back surgery I'd be parolized. The neurologists had told them I needed to go into the orthopedic surgeon asap and get my back fixed. But they made sure not to take me. They have been trying to control my life and try and get a conservativersip over me I feel like. They've been messing with my head to the point that the social worker at the nursing home was going to file a complaint against them. And now I fill like I need to go forward with it just to get them to stop harassing and stalking me.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi echobird,

    I am glad you are working with people who are supporting you! Please reach out if you would like to talk more about your situation - 1.800.344.4867 (M-F 7am-5pm MST).

    Stephanie, MS Navigator 
  • echobird
    Well I think I was looking to far left when I was stuck in the outfeild so to speak anotherwards I think I may have been around my nephew far to long and the way he's acted and got excited to have someone seem interested in helping me to not actually recognize the obvious is that I'm getting back to snakes again possibly.. The woman messaged me last night needing some money for the weekend for food and gas well and I was looking for a kitchen sink. Well she brought one over and I wasn't up to even going to town been sick since getting out of the nursing home and so I let her go get the cash back. But I recognized something odd I thought maybe she was going for date night. But I really thought about it and recognize that I truly suspect that she's on drugs the way she can't ***** still then she get another woman to come to work the extra hours. That she can't and I'd call her the ropper so to speak. Trying to pick up on me like no tomorrow. I think though I've seen enough I actually recognize it the other day when I called the social worker to try and get some help because I'm overwhelmed and been sick as a Dog. I can't let some two bit hustlers bring a wrecking ball to my life again.
  • maria1
    Hey bird,   Dont give up. Your eyes are open and you see what is going on, and it is not you. There is a lot of drug and alcohol use in the country now and there are still sober persons too. You are now able to spot the difference quickly, good for you, sad for them. It is good you are home., are the dogs with you? Are they glad to see you? Are you getting physical therapy?
  • echobird
    Hi Maria yes I can recognize their scams and drug activity. Been there done that. No not scamming but I had messed up before and it's with great sadness that I have to admit that. I lost a lot because of it. But I gained so much more with my sobriety. A lot of knowledge and understanding and compation for others. I wish that there wasn't issues like these in are society today. A guy I knew as an acquaintance tried to get me to hire a friend of his even and I had to chose her or my nephew and in the end I blocked him from my phone. Then this woman I hired first seemed alright but then less than a week and I can tell for certain that I'm gonna replace her because I feel like she's a druggy. And the other woman she recommended has been trying to pick up on me. Every witch way even tried to get me to move in with her. I have to have some short of break and find someone who will work out in the end. 
  • maria1
    Dont mind me, but I ahve to chuckle about your reaction to a 'quick pick up' act from a female. You sound insulted. I am trying to remember the last time a man or a woman tried to pick me up??? 33 yrs? haha
  • echobird
    I know funny really right!! I can't laugh enough about the pickle I can get myself into. But I can't have a druggie working for me. I crossed that one out quickly enough but I opened the door to it all on my own the other one seems innocent enough I guess but the fact is that the first recommended her and she's been trying to pick up on me. Don't get me wrong it's nice to feel wanted but I just don't think it's appropriate to have someone interested in me that way. But I may be forced to keep the sober one until I can find another worker. That way I have someone in the meantime.
  • capitolcarol
    echobird - There are various volunteer organization that provide aid and compassionate care.  In my area, the volunteers drive seniors to doctor's appointments, hospitals, grocery stores, and also will be at companion in their homes.  I am sure your community must have volunteer organizations that could help or perhaps your church.  Don't give up hope.  I'm sorry that you are going through so much.