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  • rprisament
    For me, I’ve found a love for poker.  It’s a game that challenges my mind, not my body.  It combines my strengths – psychology, math, chess, etc.  Not only is it great fun, but very social.  I have found that there are local live home/bar games everywhere/every night.  If I want to play and not go out, there are online games.  I also ran my own fundraising game for the past two years raising $10k/year for the National MS Society.

  • golgotha
    Sort of a limitation, but years ago I tried "bee venom therapy" to deal with MS' lack of energy issues. (Bee venom contains small amounts of steroids.)

    I wrote the therapy off as only a minor improvment for me, but honeybees fascinated me and became a hobby. :)
  • echobird
    I would say just in general I've become more into the internet. But I've tried to keep going like before and I know that I need to find a nee change or something to keep me occupied when I'm not doing so well.
  • maria1
    At 61 I learned how to ride a horse. There is a stable about twenty miles from us that has a part called Remember to Dream, there they teach (mostly Down symdrome kids to ride) less able to ride, so the horses are soft enough for me to learn about horses and how to ride, I did ride for several years and loved being so tall, it is amazing how much sky you see when you get on a horse. At 5'1" I mostly see the ground. And it was the only time I felt independent since being diagnosed in 1993.

    About the same time I learned how to sew and type(a late bloomer you can say).

    Now, at 72 I play games on the internet with people and by my self and surf the web.
  • rprisament
    Is it difficult with your balance?  I can't imagine riding a bike, motorcycle, skateboard, horse or dragon.  I can barely balance when the ground ISN"T moving.
  • maria1
    rp, I was so happy, alive, excited, thrilled and happy - did I say happy? that I hadnt noticed any effects until I hugged the horses neck and instantly felt ill. Turns out I am allergic to horses!

    The general sense of well being was stupendous, it was just me, the horse and the sky. Mind you, I stopped driving when I was forty eight so I was totally dependent upon others for everything and anything. I even fell off the horse and it didnt matter. Sometimes it is worth risking everything for something you really want, and then you find out it is even better than you imagined, especially now as I sit most of the time, I get to remember, I did it..I dont take that for granted either, later I will have done it, but dont remember doing it, giggle.