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  • echobird
    Ok so been put through nothing but b.s. from my so called family to my so called friend's. All they have done is mess with my head. They even had my abusive x stop by. I hate every single one of them. They've been stalking me talking trash about me and just doing everything in there power to try and get me to go back to using drugs still won't break me. 
  • saramar452
    RE:From bad to worse feeling- stay strong!  keep away from drugs, they will just mess everything up.
  • chris18
    I could not agree more.
  • maria1
    Remember they are the fools, you just have ms.
  • Avatar

    It's best to try to get by without the drugs.  Some of them really do mess with your brain.  But, it is so surprising that your family and your friends turned against you!  Can't say much about your ex.  I hope and pray that things will get better for you.  
  • maria1
    "What, I cant hear you!" is a great answer for all of them. 

    Sometimes my partner says, "gee, it would be nice if someone got a piece of cake", my answer is' "what, I cant hear you". (I learned it from him, giggle.)
  • babbu18
    I am also going through same situation. This thread really helped me. Thanks a lot