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  • hyneser79

    My teen daughter has ms, and I was wondering if anyone else may have had a problem with their child doing great in school all year long, almost an honor student in every class and then when it came time for final exams, failed them miserably, I am completely at a loss right now and hoping that someone may have some information that could help, I couldn't see this problem happening any where coming because she was doing so well all year long.

    Thanx in advance,
  • maria1
    Please call the Narional MS Society and speak with an ms navigator, since no one has responded. The society probably has some written info that would aid you and the navigators are social workers trained in all things ms. 

    When I was in college taking classes I could not show up to take final exams, I just got plum tuckered out at the end, and I was doing well too, It doesnt just happen to kids.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi Mike.  Our information on pediatric MS may be of interest to you:

    The bottom of that page has an "Additional Resources" section where you can download a few school-related guides.  There are also online support groups listed on the page - pediatric MS and a teen group.

    Please know you are welcome to call us at 800-344-4867 with questions.