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  • sarterburn
     Anyone else tired of listening to all the healthy people complain about their so-called problems? 
  • sarterburn
    Let me be a little more specific now that I have time to type....

    Coworker #1 Was diagnosed with tennis elbow and now he has to wear a temporary brace to relieve his pain. And all he wants to do is complain about how bad the braces and how painful it is.

    Coworker #2  got a blister on his foot while waterskiing and he is constantly complaining all week about how it hurts to walk and stand and do anything because he got a blister while waterskiing .......I finally asked him if I let him borrow my cane would it shut him the  f**** up?

    But it is always something at my work no matter how sick somebody is somebody else is always worse.  I just want to tell them, no you have an a hangnail nowhere compares to me having MS !!
  • maria1
    Maybe it is time for them to think about the people in VA hospitals and what they are going through. Or those living with the effects of agent orange.

    When I was a kid and complained my foot hurt my father suggested maybe we should cut it off!

    Or you can say, he is fortunate it is only a blister and not from a rat bite in his/her apartment.

    Seriously, pain is very alien to healthy persons, fortunately for them, they do not walk in our shoes, but nothing lasts forever, we all feel better once in a while.
  • ErinNicole
    I used to be that person. Sometimes I still am. Numb hands and legs, spacicity, ms hug, falling, fatigue, my cane, urgency those are all normal now. But if I stump my toe someone is going to hear about it lol
    So i try to give those people grace.

    One thing that really put it in perspective was when my husband went to the MS specialist with me. The doctor told him that it’s like I’ve had the flu for years without any relief.

    Other than allergies he’s had the flu once and he didn’t get out of bed the entire week. I mean he’s never even sprained an ankle. The thought of a flu that lasted more than five days was unbearable to him and he’s much more understanding now. But... it had to come from the specialist
  • jasonprestovfd
    I get what you are saying. When someone is complaining about something that is truly a minor problem I tell them, "you should feel lucky because no matter how bad that feels someone somewhere has something worse wrong with them". (Keep in mind nobody at my work knows I have MS). If they push the issue I'll say something like, somewhere theres a soldier calling for a medic cause they just had a leg or arm blown off, somewhere someone is finding out that their young child has cancer, of has just died. It makes that blister or tennis elbow (or even MS) seem like it's not the end of the world, dosen't it. 
    Health people don't know how bad it can actually be. If the worst thing they have ever experienced is a broken finger, than to them the broken finger is the worst it could ever get....
    personally I'm happy for them that they have never anything worse happen to them.
    I believe that god doesn't give us more than we can handle.... god must think some of us are bad asses...
    but remember nomater how bad it gets, someone, somewhere has it way worse. 
    Good luck with your co-workers who obviously are a buinch of sissies 
  • sarterburn
    Jasonprestovfd, I totally understand what your saying. My sister lost her middle child to cancer at the age of 9😪😪.  This is a video of her singing Brave, by Sara Bareilles on a way to a chemo treatment...

    After seeing all the stuff that girl went through and the fact she never lost her faith or joyful spirit. (Wow it’s hard to type just thinking about here).... let me know every day you wake is a great day!!!!
  • jasonprestovfd
    My heart goes out to you and your family.
    god only calls the best ones home young
  • maria1
    instant karma ----was working along the fence line clearing brush when a wasp stung my arm, it is twice as fat as the other and is about 50 degrees hotter, giggle