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  • echobird
    Ok so I just got home last night and yes I'm really hurting. I hid the pain so good around my girlfriend and forced myself to stay up and out of bed the whole time I was there at her place.
      But the bad was I kept having issues with being able to be up beyond being in my wheelchair. And making it from the bathroom doorway to the toilet. But by the time I made it to the toilet witch was only 3 feet from the doorway at most I was ready to callaps and start spazzing because the pain was so bad. So I sat on her walker. By after 3 days I couldn't even use the walker hardly had to figure out how to get the bathroom day to close with my wheelchair and scoot to the edge of my wheelchair to pee. It really broke my heart to have her see me like that. I was planning on staying until this Sunday and I really wanted to be able to go to church with her. But I couldn't handle the shame I felt deep inside of myself. When we first met it seems like at least 14 years ago she was my favorite nurse at the nursing home I was in while recovering from a hip replacement that ended up with a staff infection. Best infection I ever had! And I'm not being funny. If not for that stupid infection I wouldn't have met the woman of me dreams and life. Even with the good and bad and my stupid mistakes in life and breaking up for awhile and ending up with another woman that was very abusive to me physically mentally and emotionally and I even ended up on drugs for a little while. And she loved me even after that! And I know my head was messed up over things in are relationship before we broke up but half of it was my fault. We made it past it all. And that's true love deep down I know.. And if she ever could find her husband that's right husband but they haven't been together in at least 23 years she could get him served and get a divorce. Then we could get married. But I don't think that she would be able to get paid to take care of me then through the county in home care program.
     Now she's been off of work at the hospital that she started working at due to her second knee replacement. She had it done 3 and a half months ago and still in a lot of pain. And she's limping so much. And she hasn't had a disability check in a month so she didn't have money for food or much of anything else so I bought her groceries. It made me feel so good to be able to help her some. But what was worse for me as well is that she's still in pain but had to help me most of the time I was there. And I kept having falls the whole time I was there with her as well as my spasms off and on. My left side looks pretty bad black and blue as well as cut up as well on both my legs and my left arm. And I'm telling you all even with all of that it was worth it.
  • maria1
    Hi bird, it is great to hear you got some romance in your life. What is stopping you two from living together?
  • Rich1007
    You go Dude! Congrats on finding romance.