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  • red100
    Hello All,
    I am new here, and somewhat newly diagnosed with MS (Summer 2018)
    I don't know why I didn't think of joining communities sooner, but better late than never right!? 

    The main message I want to get across is even though I've stopped working due to MS this year (boo) gaming on a social outlet (Such as has been very good therapy for me.   Not neccessarily the broadcasting part (as it's harder than just playing the game and takes a lot of energy)  but the gaming itself and maintaining a social outlet that doesn't require me to travel.

    If you haven't given gaming a shot, I suggest doing some to help the brain.  If you're looking for someone to share a gaming experience with or watch online, I stream several days a week at

    I've met several people in my channel that have ailments that range from being mute, to other people with MS, or even things like cancer.   It's great to have a community to talk to LIVE that are going through stuff that just needs to be talked about.  Thanks and good luck everyone.


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    When you play a lot it's quite important not to do any harm to your health. I have special glasses and now I am about to get a good chair, one from this review not to experience any kind of problems with my back. Also I am thinking of getting an ergonomic mouse because sometimes wrist aches when I play too much.
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    According to neurobiologists from the University of California, playing 3D video games can boost the formation of memories and improve hand-eye coordination and reaction times. rooftops nipers