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  • corrine_renee
    My mom has had MS her whole life and I could never relate to someone on having a parent with a disability. Her MS has gotten worse to where she's fully wheelchair bound and this happened around when I was 13 then she lost her sight to glaucoma when mistaking it for a symptom of MS (IMPORTANT BTW) 

    I feel bad telling my moms business like I'm going behind her back but I just need to relate to somebody or talk to somebody. I'm away for college and I miss her like crazy. I've been so used to taking care of her and now it's like.. what do I do now, you know? She's my best friend and I get so homesick. We now have a home nurse but my sister still helps. I have two sisters but the other one has Downs Syndrome so we also had to take care of her too. When I tell you my life has been a roller coaster. We also come from a single parent family and my eldest sister basically runs the house. I don't really know where I'm going with this, but I found this website and it was as if a weight was lifted off my chest because I have been looking for something like this for YEARS. Any advice please let me know. Am I selfish for leaving for college? Am I gonna regret leaving home? 
  • maria1
    Hello corrine_renee, Welcome and thank you for being a responsible person and loving your mother. And now you are a student, and your job now is to do you best to learn and take care of yourself, Like the old Arny ad: Be all that you can be.  As a young person you have plenty of energy, with that you move as fast as you can to do everything you can, you discover the world, dancing, sports, other young people, and fun. 

    I have learned one thing about life, regret is the worst mistake of mistakes, what ever you do, what ever you think about do, ask yourself one question, or maybe two, Will i regret doing this, Will I regret not doing this.   And onlt you know the answers to those questions. 

    You have been spending your time caring for your mom and sister so change is different for you, and the change is you being alone with only you to worry about, it is  a time for you to discover you, who you are and what you want, happiness I hope. 

    Learning to be independent is the best skill you can learn, how to take care of yourself, what your needs are, and of course , what you dont like. So your job right now is also to find out who you are, not all the shoulds people tell you you should do.

    And you can share your feelings with us about living with someone with ms and what it feels like to have a parent with ms, I for one would love to learn what that is like.

    Thank you for visiting with us and for sharing, maria
  • Rich1007

    I am wheelchair "bound" too.  Take it from someone who has a young daughter, you take as big bite out of this opportunity as you can.  Dont abuse your body or mind in college with drugs, alcohol and partying.  As maria said, "Be all you can be".  You'll have plenty of time to care for your family members later.  Right now I'm sure your mom wants you to spread your wings and FLY.  We MS folks are incredibly strong, resilent people.  Call mom, keep in touch, tell her all your successes and failures but remember, this is your one and only shot to make a life for yourself before you cant make big changes to your life anymore without extreme consequiences.   Make your mom proud!  GO FOR IT! I am 100% sure she wants to see her princess fly.  She wants to brag about you to her friends!  Go on, give her a reason to brag.  Best of luck.  God Bless!