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  • CharmCityOkie

    I'm hoping to get the advice of some fellow MS moms on this topic as it's proving to be difficult to make a decison on the subject.

    A little about me - I'm 31 and was diagnosed 1 year ago with RRMS. I started 6 months of Glatopa (generic Copaxone) and after an MRI, it was determined the medication wasn't effective for me as I had new lesions. My neuro recommended stronger medication but allowed my husband and I three months off medication to try to start a family. I'm 22 weeks pregnant now, due in April, and working on planning for the future- specific to breast feeding and beginning new medication. I've had one minor relapse during pregnancy which was shorter than my normal ones and none since. My main symptoms are sensory- specifically I lose feeling around my rib cage and breasts and I lose feeling in my hands/arms. Relapses can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 12 weeks (when untreated).

    The medication I'll be on after birth will not allow me to breast feed while taking it, so I am trying to weigh the benefits of the following: (1) breast feed for as long as I am able and don't start medication or take steroids; (2) breast feed for a shortened amount of time then start medication; or (3) forego breastfeeding altogether in favor of starting medication right away.

    In the fellow MS Mom's experience- which path did you choose, how did you make that decision, and do you wish you had chosen differently? Secondly, who all relapsed post-partum and when did that relapse occur?