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  • echobird
    Ok I wanted to know with having MS does it affect the way we react to things? I get upset easily over things and then I end up dwelling on things and sometimes I can't get past it. It might take a couple months. Then I also find myself more suggestive or easily manipulated like I hear people talking about what I need then I know that I'm bad off but it's like I get upset over it all. I don't mean to and I feel like I have a right to be upset but do you tend to stay upset for a long time and just can't get past things? And I'm sorry if I'm not making a lot of sense right now my heads been hurting me more lately and my thinking might be off or the way I word things.
  • maria1
    okay, stop taking the alpha lipoic acid for a while and drink plenty of water to see if it is the alpha lipoic acid, headache is listed as a side effect? 
  • maria1
    There is a condition short name PBA which some of us have experienced, me included, check it out online to see if it matches with what you are going through, but take one step at a time, quit the alpha lipoic acid and see if anything changes for you.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi Echobird,

    Emotional changes can be incredibly common with MS, you can read more about that here:
    Emotional Changes
  • capitolcarols
    echobird - You sound just like me.  I really work myself up into a tizzy over stuff that doesn't seem that important.  Then I dwell on it forever, remember it, and go back to it again and again.  And like you, unfortunately, I've become too gullible, which is not good, believing stuff that I should believe.