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  • roger620
    So just today i was released from the hospital because i suffered a huge MS flare up that left me bed ridden n unable to walk for about 4days.. For some reason i still can't accept my new life and i know i should it sort of feels like my mind can't adjust to it or won't i lived a very active life so my question is when will or when should I or how can i come to terms with this is there something or someone that also struggles with what im feeling??
  • maria1
    Hello roger620, two years is not a long time to swallow everything that has changed for your body. When you are ready, what ever that means, you will make new plans for how to spend your time, you will aim for new goals. We all go through the mourning process and you have also had to mourn for the loss of your mom, be kind to yourself, be good to yourself, your psyche has to heal at its own pace, you cant rush it. Observe yourself, write down what you are feeling, empty your head of unhelpful thoughts. All we have is time and we all plan how we want to spend it, we build an image for and of ourselves from when we are young, now when we find out our plans have to change, those things we have been imagining for years, it is not so easy to change gears, And we all for some reason want to suffer mroe than we have to until we real see we have reached our limit of suffering, then we make new lives, I typed it wrong originally, subliminal message, I typed we make new loves for ourselves, which is probably true. 

    Your brain is working overtime, sorting through the physical changes and working on fixing them as best as possible and the emotional changes, it is very busy sorting through all the data working on making sense of it all, it will work through it all. You will wake one day with new plans, until then write and write and write, that will help the computer part of your brain sort through all the stuff ms is throwing in the way.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi there. I think the answers to the questions you ask are different for any individual who is coping with MS. The questions, however, are so common. You are certainly not alone in what you are feeling. Some people find it helpful to connect with others who are living with MS and going through similar experiences. This may be right here on this website, or over the phone, or in person. Some may benefit from talking with a counselor. If you might be interested in any of these, I've included a couple of links:

    Peer Connections
    Local Support Groups
    Emotional Support Professionals and Other Resources
  • etwine214
    I was diagnosed at 22 I went from living and partying to stuck in bed wearing adult pampers even with me pulling up to the 10 year mark I still haven't grasp that I'm a person with MS I've learned to accept the pain the fatigue the good days and the bad days 
  • Rich1007
    Hi Roger,

    I've had MS for 26 years.  i started my journey alot like you.  Bedridden for a few weeks then slowly back to normal.  After that, I did heavy construction for 15 years, IT for 7 and now work from home.  I dont expect I'll ever "accept" my situation so my best advice for someone new to this is MS and procrastination do not mix.  Do as much as you can now.  Go live your best life starting now.  Get your degree, get married, have a family, a house, travel, etc starting now.  MS doesnt typically get bad overnight so use your remaining time wisely  (how ever long that may be).  One thing I do advise is make your bathroom wheelchair accessible soon.  You'll be happy you did when/if you need it later, even if its just for short periods of time while you recoup.
  • capitolcarols
    roger620 - 

    I have never accepted the idea that I have MS.  Just try to do as  much as you can or feel like and please do all that you would do if you  didn't have MS.  Don't think of MS as being a roadblock that would hold you back.