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  • maria1
    There are plenty of western movies showing a one room cabin amid the plains, it is occupied by a man, woman with maybe a few children and livestock, these were the first immigrants who travelled west maybe carrying a few seeds from the old country. These stories were often called Romance Novels.

    During the past thirty years my days have been not as isolated as theirs and I never much thought about the condition of isolation. Lately though the notice has been how much commentary I am filling on these pages. There is plenty to be said for us and high speed internet. 

    If you have ever watched Groucho's program, "You bet your life" which aired in the 1950s and available on youtube, you would be struck by the simplicity of those days, the questions whose answers slide off our tongues today stupefied back then, not even a hundred years ago and the adults seem like children.

    We are now still in the Information Age, bombarded by the world and all its wonders, even for us stay at home bodies.

    And yet we seldom interact with others, the onesided lives we lead, we think for us it is Isolation, and here we are in a world of words, communicating.

    So while I dont have to get dressed up to receive company I am part of an international crowd, so I really can not say I am alone, giggle.
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    it is very difficult
  • maria1
    pinennno, thaat is why communication here is a valueable tool for sanity, see how sane I am.
  • maria1
    pinennno, I make light of everything, that is the coping mechanism that has worked for me but I do take the isolation seriously. Sometimes I think of other things, a retired air force friend told me he shared a room with 59 other people, so I think about trying to sleep with all those others and opt to prefer the isolation, then I swing the other way and think about isolation in prison and for sure dont want to go there either, so here I am in the middle happy I can look out the window and not see a wall or fence and am not being watched by unfriendly faces all day long. Good thing I never got arrested smoking pot or I would be there, ugh. Actually, these days, I dont like being disturbed, the phone ringing with a telemarketer ticks me off. Are you listening to music? My aunt who was 91 had the tv going every time I called and she would not even think to lower it, she lived in a four story walk up and seldom went down to the store, he knees hurt. She lived in an apt house so she could see people if she kept her door open, do you live in a building like that? How long have you been isolated? How do you spend your time? maria