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  • echobird
    Ok so in case something happens and no one doesn't here from me within the next week It might be because of family issues.
     For one Maria was right all along. Things have gone from bad to worse with issues with my nephew he's ended up in jail a couple times now. The last was conspiracy to commit great bodily harm and fleeing the seen of a crime along with breaking out someone's window. Now he's threatened me before and beat up his girlfriend on multiple times and she finally got a restraining order against him. And he was supposed to go to his mom's but I had her show up here as well as him. He just got out of jail last night. And right back to being drunk and drove over to my house from a block away I guess you'd say to check on me but was to drunk to remember why he was here.
     So I called his mom and told her about all of this and I'm fed up he can stay with her. Hoping maybe he'd listen to her. I really was hoping he'd learn and start doing better but no. And I told his mom not to be saying anything to him but same thing happened before and he threatened me then. And on the msaa chat room one guy suggested stockum sindrum and I looked it up and it's to a T. No one will take care of you then I love you and care about you then if you fire me or don't sign my timesheet like I want I'm going to beat you up. I've been through the ringer with x girlfriend that beat on me to old roommates that attacked me. Tried killing themselves in front of me slicing there wrist stabbing themselve in there legs. This has been over the last 7 years. Now I'm not perfect but this has gotten to much. Oh did I mention that he's kicked out of his own house for beating up his girlfriend with his sister whose 13 and only has a half heart and his 2 kids 5 and 6. The judge ordered a restraining order and somehow he pushed his mom to give him back his rifle. And now you can understand my fear from him especially when I told his mom I wasn't going to sign for the hour's he didn't work a-e in jail then hospital then jail again. I was wishi washi before he got worse I thought he was going to change and if so I was going to go back to my wife and leave him and his family stay in my house. But she actually broke up with me because I told her I believed in him and was just going to refinance my house just to have the down payment for another house closer to her work. She was my nurse that is how we met.
     And thing is everytime I wanted to replace him before his mom would talk me out of it. I think she was afraid he'd get worse. Or afraid of him. I don't know. Now I've had other people work for me and if they put extra hours I told the social worker. The last person to do that my social worker told me it was a civil matter. But all that I know is that my family has been messing with me causing issues for me. I feel like the only one I could count on is his mom tho to take me to my IV treatment. And I appreciate it. When I wasn't sick I was actually able to be there for her years ago and I think that's why. 
  • echobird
    Ok adding to this post. So I don't know what to think. From everything I've been hearing off and on I feel like my family is only going to keep at it I think. I mean come off it. In and out of the hospital for at least 8 years since buying my house diagnosed with copd at least 13 years back MS has been ongoing since 29 to 32 years of age. 47 now. Officially diagnosed back in 2013 with MS as well as dystonia. Been getting such bad spasisty that I fall out like an epileptic fit that can last 45 minutes to 2 hours as well as my left side looking like a stroke and slurred speech. Mouth getting lopsided eye won't open afterwards. And then I here them talking this b.s. of the conservativesip and then they figured out they can't do that then they're going to try and accuse me of fruad! Really don't get there way with forcing me to stay in a home then try anything else. When I was last in the nursing home they actually had a friend of there's that I didn't know try and get information from my social worker at the nursing home. Then they got a hold of my old caregiver that my sister talked me into firing and trying to get him to go along with there b.s.. I don't know if they offered him money or what. But I'm so fed up.
  • maria1
    So, Bobby, this is one time I wish I was wrong, what are YOU going to do?
  • echobird
    Well Maria I'm at this point of a rock and a hard place. But something has to give. I've been trying for years. And I wasn't perfect by far. But he stuck by me. But I wasn't living with him either. But I've been hoping his one real friend might talk some sense into him. That didn't happen. So I'm going to have to try and find another solution or someone else. At this point he might be going away for awhile so I have to just start looking. I have one guy staying here with his girlfriend but nether have a car. And there's days I can get by with minimal help then there's days that I'm falling out of bed wheelchair or off of my walker. I never knew how bad things could get until the last several years. Now either way I'm going to need 1 part time caregiver and another one for the rest of the time. This one gentleman and his girlfriend seems OK. But as stated nether one of them have a car. And I can't afford to help them buy one.
     And I get why everyone didn't understand why I allowed my nephew to keep getting away with it all. I gathered from what I've been through from him to my x girlfriend to old roommates then my nephews b.s. from what some others are saying PTSD stockum syndrome. And it makes a great deal of sense considering everything I've been through. Now just not trying to bug you to much tonight falling asleep trying to type this to u all. Sweet dreams my friend's and God speed.
  • echobird
    Well Maria same as yesterday feeling pretty bad again today. Weaker than before. Started to get my spasms back and flung my cell phone to the floor in the kitchen. But no woke up and my nephew was sleeping on my sofa. At this point I was glad to see that instead of having to worry that he might had gone out and gotten into another fight.
    Anyways I did bring up about maybe he could go to the Army or conservation core. That way maybe it will get him to stay out of trouble. I don't think he's interested in any of it.
     Then one of his old work buddies came over and got him to get him out of the house. But of course right before leaving he mentioned doing his time card. And I already said couldn't put time down for when he was in jail or the hospital. But I'm not sure that he's going to listen or give a *****. As it is I made sure to lock my bedroom doors last night. And I'm so tired of all this *****. If I don't sign then I'm gonna be afraid. So I think I'm just going to have to talk with my social worker tomorrow because I can't keep living like this. And I know his mom's probably part of this game that they've been pulling and manipulating me trying to get me into trouble. And the reason why is because the minute he left my house is the minute she called me. I'm so sick of it all. And the old worker I had actually had told me to try and get away from them. That they are conspiring and on and on. Then my sister talked me into firing the guy. So now this was 6 months back so he's had time to sit there and be mad and probably go along with whatever they try to do.
  • echobird
    Also I'm not sure if I mentioned that he beat his girlfriend up several times over in just the last few months back 2 years ago after threatening me multiple times he beat her pretty badly at my place. In front of there daughter in my motor home then threw her to the ground dragged her and kicked her in front of myself.

    Then it's continued over the years. Then like 10 days ago he told me that he murdered someone when he was 17. And said he planned to kill his girlfriend and himself. This has been an ongoing thing with him. He's been in jail twice in the last 2-3 weeks one for going over after the restraining order then the second time was just two days ago for conspiracy to commit great bodily harm and then smashing this guys window out. Same victim. So I don't know but I'm scared shitless. And the fact is his mom gave him back his gun witch he can't have because of the restraining order then also he's now on probation and the gun is unregistered.
  • maria1
    Please for sure talk to the social worker, you really want a better life and now is the time to reach for it, you will feel much better. Talk about the gun and your fears and ask for help!

    Toxic blood relatives are not good for your health.
  • echobird
    Ok so my nephew is here now but I couldn't get a hold of the neighbor that I was hoping would be able to help me deal with this. So my nephew of course had me approve his time card and instead of worrying about him wanting to beat me up I just approved it and will explain it to the social worker tomorrow. If I didn't I'm afraid he'd flip out on me and beat me up or something worse. I've never been so scared in my life.
  • capitolcarols
    bird - sounds like you are going through such hell! I'm so sorry about all that is happening and your continued trouble with your nephew, I don't understand his mother giving him his rifle back.  Please tell everything to the social worker and anybody else that you think can hep you.  
  • MS_Navigators

    I'm so sorry to hear all of what you're going through.  I would very strongly recommend not only calling your social worker to discuss the current situation, but if your nephew is telling you that he has plans of harming himself and/or other people, please contact the police immediately.

    Please update us as to what your social worker says.  As always, you are free to call us directly to talk with a Navigator at 1 800 344 4867.

    Jess, MS Navigator