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  • echobird
    All I've done is try and get my life on track. While everyone else has done nothing but talk trash and harass me. Then make sure to not want to help. My sister won't take her own son in instead I had him dumped on me. And since being here all he's been doing is drinking getting into trouble. I've asked her to help deal with him but no. So he drinks from the time he gets up until he passes out at night. Now it's gotten to the point that I've talked to my social worker but I'm afraid to say anything to him because of his violent behavior.
    So I'm to the point where after talking with my neurologist I might end up leaving my home and going to a board and care. Giving everyone what they want. Either i need to be in a home or I'm faking is all that they talk about.
    So the last straw was I ended up going to the hospital with angina pain. And once I returned home my front door was busted at the jamb and the 2×4 in the wall along with the drywall. Then turn around and my nephew tried telling a mentally I'll lady to give him a B.J. .. And I'm so fed up he tried blaming this woman for breaking my front door. And turn around he also bent my control for my power scooter pretty badly. My neighbor down the road fixed the control thank God. But I'm so fed up.
  • MS_Navigators
    HI Echobird,

    What did you social worker say after you talked with them about all that has been going on at home?  Have you contacted the police?  Please keep us posted.

    Jessica, MS Navigator
  • maria1
    BETTER STILL, message me you name address phone number with the number for the sheriff or police and I WILL CALL AS SOON AS I GET YOUR MESSAGE.