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  • msspouse5212


    My wife was diagnosed with MS 12 years ago and it has been very tough on her. She continues to work and is a great mother and wife, but I think she has an addiction problem. Shortly after the diagnosis she began smoking marijuana to alleviate the pain and issues that go along with MS. I did not like it, but understood. Once medical marijuana was made legal in our state she obtained her card and began using the medical marijuana. This did not last long and she went back to street marijuana, but did not tell me. When I found out I questioned her about it and she told me that the medical marijuana was too expensive and did not last long enough, so it was more cost effective to purchase it from the street. I did not like this, but once again I accepted it. It has been about 2 years now and she is vaping and smoking the plant, both obtained from the street and it has gotten to the point that I feel she has a problem. She uses both forms several times throughout the day and often in her car while driving. She drives our children around high and her car smells like a weed ashtray, despite air fresheners everywhere. 

    Approximately a year and a half ago she passed out at home while I was at work and our children at home. She was unresponsive and has to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. A blood test revealed marijuana and alcohol in her system. I should add that she was and is on lexapro. Needles to say this was a very bad experience for our family. The hospital called child services and although no action was taken, I thought my wife would use this as a wake up call. She is smoking and vaping street marijuana, drinking and taking lexapro on a daily basis. She is functional, but on another planet most of the time. She becomes very agitated and argumentative almost every time we speak and it is a horrible situation.

    i told her she has a problem, but you know how that goes. An addict never sees themselves as an addict. I love her and want her to be as comfortable as possible with this horrible disease and understand the marijuana helps. I just feel she should stick to the medical marijuana. Any help from the group would be appreciated.


  • maria1
    Another story of ms and the superwoman, I bet she never heard or said, "I am not able to do that". A woman, a wife, a mother, a chauffer, a businesswoman, a cook, a cleaner, a manager, a friend.

    If she is not able to retire from her paying job, please consider finding some way to give her a weekend off from doing anything and everything. You may want to consider calling the National MS Society and speaking with a navigator or going to the SUPPORT page here and messaging a navigator to find out if there are any resources available to you and your family to give you all some relief. In this age of covid 19 things are different for resources available. Speaking with someone who is knowledgeable about what is available right away may save you and your family some grief and aggravation. 

    That your wife is still functioning is a testament to her willpower, but the effects of overwork alone is cumulative on her nerves. If you have family you can call upon please try to muster a group of people to watch the kids, do some laundry, clean the house, cook some meals, or drive the kids whereever they need going to. Smoking pot and drinking alcohol is a way to kill the pain long enough to do a job.

    Thank you for reaching out, and showing us how much you care for your family. If there is time, we would appreciate hearing how things are going and what resources you have found to give your family relief. best wishes. maria
  • scrime1998
    There are many story same addiction of Marijuna smoking and its cause damage our health slowly.But some person have recovered health from this addiction and they do on their will powers and Yoga excercise.