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Health Insurance


I was just wondering if anyone else was in the same boat as me..... I suffer from fatigue. I once slept 37 hours straight and woke up only to say I feel a little better. I was put on provigil to start and when that didn't work as well I was put on nuvigil. That has been my saving grace for the past 10-15 years.… Read More

How do you afford medication?*

Hi all, So even with insurance, Anthem BC/BS and medicare, I cannot afford any medication and haven't been able to afford any MS medication in nearly 14 years. I live well below the poverty level (it is 10,000k a year for one, I live off of 8k a year for two), and despite having earned multiple degrees, I have… Read More

advice on shopping for healthcare w/ MS?

Is there any advice on what I should look for or avoid when shopping for healthcare w/ MS?  I was diagnosed w/ MS last year. Didn't have insurance because I was beginning a new job when it hit. I've been hanging on through clinical trials etc. I started tecfidera yesterday & was a lobster for a couple hours… Read More

Disability benefits (cross post)*

Hi,  I'm new to the group so please redirect me if this the wrong forum. My wife was diagnosed over 20 years ago now. We're originally from England but have lived in the Raleigh NC area for 14 years. We are naturalized US citizens. On it says that since I'm eligible for disability benefits that my… Read More

Ocrevus and Medicare*

I'm switching from bcbs to medicare in a few months and my Neurologist and I have discussed changing my medication to Ocrevus.  Ocrevus does not seem to be covered by any of the medicare advantage plans I have researched.  Is this because it is too new to have made it into their formularies?  Is it because it's… Read More

Real help!?*

i was diagnosed w ms past year in April- nothing made sense to me - I carried on doing my usually day to day things without any medicine-      Then started falling over but wasnt part of any dance moves. Entire side of my body going numb - I also peed all over myself without having any clue I had to even go? I… Read More


Hey , im currently living in the Uk where my health care is free from the nhs. I'm currently thinking about moving to the usa, one of the main things that is stopping me from coming over is health insurance , ive never had to get health insurance before and to be honest im finding it really confusing. how much… Read More

Health Ins and med coverage*

My son is waiting foir a call to get an MRI. He doesn't have a diagnosis yet. I noticed someone said something about having a $5000 co-pay and they couldn't afford meds because of it. We were going to try to get some insurance for him in November during open-enrollment, not that we can probably afford it but he… Read More

Would headphones be covered *

I was wondering if anyone would know this answer. Would headphones 🎧 such as the Bose headphones be covered under insurance (medical) I remember being at my daughter’s apt @ school, someone bought her these gorgeous, unbelievable Bose headphones set to block out noise. When I was there I actually used them to… Read More

Assisted Living Coverage*

I'm exploring living options for my dad. He's had MS for 25 years. He has to move out of his house and is unable to earn an income.  He receives $1,100 per month in Social Securty and all of his medical is covered by the state of California. Question: Are there programs that provide free housing for very low… Read More

Health Insurance*

My son is supposed to get an MRI but he doesn't have insurance. I know open enrollment for Gov't health insurance is November 1st.  If he gets a diagnosis of MS, is he going to have a problem getting health insurance?  Read More

Medicare *

I'm on disability for MS and just was informed I will have to be on Medicare.  Does anyone have advice?  I am thinking of going on A, B, "medigapG" with no drug coverage so One to one will pay for my aubagio...My disability is too high to be on Medicaid and any of the other financial assistance programs. Read More

Compassionate Expedited Reinstatement *

I don’t understand why so many professionals, that deal with MS claims, are so misinformed: When I would speak to an Advocate or a SSDI Lawyer, (most that I contacted never responded), those that did respond informed me one of the following:You have to start a new claim & start from scratchThere is no such… Read More


I am curious if others have had issues with Anthem BC/BS not covering Ocrevus.  It would be a Tier 4 drug if they listed it in their formulary.  They do not. I am lucky to have one of the best neurologists in my state and in the research we have both done, we found Ocrevus to be the best potential… Read More