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Health Insurance

The ACA passing the House. *

With the ACA act passing the house, I admit I am scared...beyond what is anywhere near healthy. I know, that it is not final, and still has some way to go, but in my panic, I want and need to start planning ahead. At the moment I am covered by my father's insurance (under 25), but I do not know how the new ACA… Read More


I am a 63-year old woman who was diagnesed with RRMS in 2010.  The best I can say for it was that it came as a complete shock.  At the time of my diagnosis, i was a successful Florida Bar Board Certified Labor and Employment Lawyer, litigating cases on behalf of individuals who suffered wrongs at the hands of… Read More

Insurance Aggravations*

I just wanted to put this out there as a genreal curiosity. For the past three years I have been unable to see my neurologist, who works at the only MS clinic in my city, because my heath insurance changed. There were all of a sudden massive co-pays and I just couldn't afford her. Thankfully, I will be going… Read More

Mother with advanced MS*

Hi everyone, my mother is 56 and has been diagnosed for nearly 20 years. She has very advanced ms. We can no longer walk for care for herself.  My concern is that she is alone for most of the day while her husband is at work. She needs full time care but can not afford it.  I live in houston, she is in… Read More

Frustrated with all the hoops *

I've been without insurance and meds since 9/1, thought medicaid was coming, but no. So now I've done research and got some quotes, but I'm still confused. It seems I would be better if I wasn't married or he didn't work, any suggestions would be great to help clear up my confusion. Thanks, tiffany Read More


In short I am having a massive insurance issue due to my employer mistake. I have MS like all of us, and like everyone painfully knows it comes it a commitment to high insurance bills on a regular basis. I took a role at company (beginning this year) who was not based in my state. We quickly found out their… Read More


I became eligible for Medicare on 8/01 and being prudent, I looked at all the different HMO's and picked the one that would allow me to stay with my doctors and have prescription coverage. Unfortunately when I tried to refill my Extavia I was told that my co-pay was a little over $2,000! I've contacted every… Read More


my husband has MS and is on the three times a week copaxone shots. They seem to have helped keep the MS at bay. He's always been on my insurance through my work because his was too expensive and didn't cover much. 'My insurance always covers all of his meds. I'm leaving my job at the end of the month and I'm… Read More

Financial Aid for treatment*

Hi there, my name is Dale Grana from Philippines. I have a brother officially diagnosed with MS last year but the onset of his symptoms were first observed last 2011. We thought that it was just a simple symptom of vertigo but it was not, it was something far more complicated than vertigo. We went to Cebu City… Read More

Feeling lost*

Hi everyone. So, I wanted to see what insurance everyone else is on. I only have a little bit more time being covered on my moms insurance before I am going to have to figure something else out. I live in California and have been looking for a full-time job with benefits but that is nearly impossible. Plus… Read More

Gilenya Drama *

I'm so sick of the round and round blame game and lack of responsibilty between Neuros, Insurance, and Medication Reps (Gilenya)​I stopped Aubagio Feb 26th. Had my follow up with Neuro, EKG, and Opthomologist appnt on March 8th. It took Gilenya Go program weeks to reach out to me so I had to call them to find… Read More

Life Insurance for people with MS*

All:  I was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting MS in 2012.  In 2004, I obtained a 10-year term life insurance policy, but this was before I'd had any MS symptoms and was years before my MS diagnosis.  The term of that policy passed after I was diagnosed with MS, and I have found that trying to get a new term… Read More


I have just been made aware of plans the government have in regards to the Mobility allowance with Centrelink.  I was diagnosed with MS in 2008, and in 2010 diagnosed with leukaemia. I have been on the mobility allowance for the last few years, which requires us to work in either full time employment or as a… Read More

Venting: Insane beaurocracy...*

Still looking for a neuro for post hospital care and to get any kind of DMT treatment. Got my Insurance company to give me an out of plan authorization because they have no in plan neuros, or so they say sometimes. Went up to the neuro they said I was authorized for, had all my records in hand and had talked… Read More

cvs caremark*

cvs caremark has been giving me a hard time with my copayments. The gal from HealthWell Foundation has giving them ID# and Group # several times. Has anyone esle have trouble this year? Read More

Equipment coverage

I am trying to find out if I have any coverage for exercise equipment in my home - in particular a Nu-Step machine - I use it currently at physical therapy and think it woul;d be greatly beneficial to have when I am not going to physical therapy.  They seem to be quite expensive and I do not have the funds to… Read More