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Health Insurance


Hello everyone.  I am new to the world of MS but here's the situation.  We have a PPO medical and prescription plan, with a pre-authorization sent out for gilenya - They denied the authorization saying that the patient has to first take injectibles and show that they are unable to tolerate them.  We have… Read More

Need help finding a Neuro in my area...*

Well I've managed to get Medicaid, SSI and Medicare are still pending more 2nd opinions and 'processing.' Now I'm running into a new roadblock thats frustrating the heck out of me. My plan in Floridia Medicaid has a search portal that is 'WOEFULLY' inaccurate, which makes searching for a Neuroligist nearly… Read More

Health Insurance Venting*

Where to start... I know, the begining usually works. It all started back in late 2014. I was a pretty healthy guy who just felt down and off all the time. Blood work is consistently good if not so good my doctors when I could get them would hold their heads in shame because it is better than theirs. I has my… Read More

mris and insurance *

i have been haveing alot of numbing in my left arm with pain and feels like my arm is a sleep but with pain and numbing in my fingers my nero wanted me to get blood and mri on my head and neck went got blood and made app for mri then they called and said it would be 2000 for mri paid when i get it done my… Read More

Aetna *

I was wondering if anyone has experience dealing with the Aetna specialty pharmacy? My insurance just switched over, and I feel like I'm getting the run around about the co-pay for my medication. Read More


Please help, I keep running into dead ends and am becoming desparate. I'm searching for an MS specialist for a second opinion regarding a probable MS diagnosis. (My current neuro (who is a general one), upon reviewing my MRIs and history et al, said he wouldn't offer me treatment even if he was 100% certain it… Read More

Please help!*

Hi everyone.  I have been recently dx with MS.  Unfortunately, I am one of many Americans who are stuck in the middle unable to qualify for either ObamaCare or Medicaid.  I am uninsured and unable to receive treatment.  Is anyone aware of any organizations that provide affordable care for the indigent with MS… Read More

Medical coverage*

Hello, i am off work now due to my MS. Can anyone tell me the best and affordable way to get Health Insurance coverage as my work coverage is going to end soon when FML ends and I have not been approved for SSD but application is in.  I am offered to purchase Cobra from my current job when they term me is… Read More

Disability and insurance *

Hello all. I'm new here and looking for some advice. My mom was diagnosed with MS in 2011. She has mobility issues. Has fallen several times because of a weak left leg and balance issues. She will now be losing her job because of short term memory problems. She is going to apply for disability but I'm… Read More

High or low deductible plan? *

Hello, I just started a new job. They have aetna insurance and I need to choose which plan I want. There are three options, Gold, Silver, and Bronze plans. The Gold has $1300 deductible but costs $186 per pay, Silver $3000 deductible costs $140, and Bronze $6000 deductible and $112/pay. I take copaxone and last… Read More


 ARM  wrestling or is this a tug-of-war? The primary insurance is through my spouse's employer, and my secondary is Anthem Medicare Preferred Standard. I last injected Plegridy on October 30th, and the next sceduled dose should have occurred on November 13th.  1. I called the Specialty Pharmacy to order the… Read More

Private insurance in SC*

Is anyone else shopping for a private, individual health insurance policy in SC? I am desperately trying to go see some type of MS specialist, not just a neurologist that says they have MS patients... But I hold a private policy that is ending December 31... So I am shopping for something new. I can't seem… Read More


Hey yall, fist time doing this. So bear with me thanks lol. I been fighting to get my disability , already tried 3 times and keep getting denied. I was diagnosed at age 14 , and had insurance up untill I turn 18. Never could get a job. I know the judge looks at your past history of work., and I have none. I… Read More

Short term disability*

Passed neuro test in may now im denied short term disability. MD states muscles are strong giving me up to july 31 to be back working full time. Well its end of july and im not physically able to work full time on a busy observation unit. I suffered set back from UTI which I had to walk with cane for a week.… Read More

Prior Authorization?*

Has anyone had to do a prior authorization through Humana Military or Tricare South for Betaseron? I got notified that I needed to switch to an alternative medication because Accredo could no longer dispense it. So, I called my neurologist and they were totally confused about why I should take an… Read More