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Health Insurance

Private insurance in SC*

Is anyone else shopping for a private, individual health insurance policy in SC? I am desperately trying to go see some type of MS specialist, not just a neurologist that says they have MS patients... But I hold a private policy that is ending December 31... So I am shopping for something new. I can't seem… Read More


Hey yall, fist time doing this. So bear with me thanks lol. I been fighting to get my disability , already tried 3 times and keep getting denied. I was diagnosed at age 14 , and had insurance up untill I turn 18. Never could get a job. I know the judge looks at your past history of work., and I have none. I… Read More

Short term disability*

Passed neuro test in may now im denied short term disability. MD states muscles are strong giving me up to july 31 to be back working full time. Well its end of july and im not physically able to work full time on a busy observation unit. I suffered set back from UTI which I had to walk with cane for a week.… Read More

Prior Authorization?*

Has anyone had to do a prior authorization through Humana Military or Tricare South for Betaseron? I got notified that I needed to switch to an alternative medication because Accredo could no longer dispense it. So, I called my neurologist and they were totally confused about why I should take an… Read More


Hi all, I have a situation and I am hoping there are a select few out there who can identify with me and possibly offer some sort of direction.  I am 28 years old, I have no children, I currently do not work because I am a student and with my fatigue, either I am going to put forth my energy towards a job… Read More

Specialty Drug Tier*

There is a bill in the House of Representitives that limits Tier 4 Specialty Drug copays/coinsurance charges to the copay for nonpreferred brand name drugs. The bill is: H.R. 4209: Patients’ Access to Treatments Act of 2012. I've already written my Congressman, he happens to be on the committee that is… Read More

Specialty drugs article NY Times

The NY Times had an enlightening/disturbing article on the front page of its Friday, April 13 issue. Evidently, insurance companies are feeling the pain of paying large sums of money for "specialty drugs" and are seeking to modify their coverage. Many states are evidently working to limit our out of pocket… Read More

Changing Insurance?

My husband is currently in the military so we have Tricare. However, he has a mechanical engineering degree that he wants to use so he will be ETSing (getting out) of the Army in 2015. I was wondering if anyone has changed/switched insurances and how that works. Will I still be able to recieve the same coverage… Read More

Tecfidera and Aetna

Hi everyone, I have been having a VERY difficult time getting Aetna to approve my tecfidera prescription--specifically, they are denying it bc they want me to take some other drugs first and 'prove' i suffer on them. I was diagnosed a few months ago and am very frustrated that they are trying to force me to… Read More

Medicare drug prices*

Hi Kris, I have a question.  I already called Medicare and my insurance company, and they both told me this could be done, but I would like your opinion.  I lodged a complaint - grievance - with my insurance .   I take a pain medication that is a narcartic that has been a generic drug for at least 15 or 20… Read More

Medicare and health insurance for 2015*

The proposed patient improvement change to part D as well as other medicare issues is online and must be commented on by March 7 of this year. If you want to read it, google pro patient improvement to part D and you will get the whole thing. The proposed change for pharmacies  is: 29. Effects of any… Read More

RE:finally have insurance but need doctors

So my fight is finally over! I went to my hearing on the 27th and I've been approved for my disability! After 3 years of fighting, praying, begging, and otherwise suffering through pure hell I did everything right and got a fully favorable judgement from the ssdi judge at the hearing. I hope I'm not counting my… Read More

Stressing about Dr. bills.....

I was diagnosed with MS in January. My doctor wants me to have an MRI every 6 months to check progression as I have lesions she worries may affect my ability to walk in the future. I am still covered on my parents insurance (until May next year, which is something else I'm worrying about) but these MRI's are… Read More

Medicare and health insurance

Since I have been fighting UnitedHealthcare I have fould out: Medicare is a federal contract and medicaid is state. If you have a complaint against your insurance provider you call your regional medicare office for kansas nebraska missouri and iowa the number is 816.426.5783, if it is a complaint about… Read More