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Health Insurance

TSA Employee with MS*

I have worked for the federal government (specifically TSA) for 11 years and this year I've been diagnosed with MS. It has become quite difficult to do things as I normally did. I haven't disclose the condition yet. My doctor tells me to seek reasonable accommodation, but I talked to the union vice-president… Read More

advice on shopping for healthcare w/ MS?

Is there any advice on what I should look for or avoid when shopping for healthcare w/ MS?  I was diagnosed w/ MS last year. Didn't have insurance because I was beginning a new job when it hit. I've been hanging on through clinical trials etc. I started tecfidera yesterday & was a lobster for a couple hours… Read More

health insurance

i am employed and receive my health benefits through my employer i pay 480.00 a month for like an 80/20 plan with a 3000.00 deductable. medications are reasonable i have 90 day plan. my question is it is getting harder for me to continue working full time to receive my health benefits then what is available. i… Read More

Gilenya Denied by Insurance, what next?

My husband is newly diagnosed with MS.  He was given a perscription for Gilenya, but Blue Cross Blue Shield denied his request.  His doctor (Columbia Prespbyterian) sent a letter to appeal. Denied again.  Basically, BCBS said they would not cover Gilenya until tried Copaxone first. He would need to show that… Read More

Aflac and MS for short term disability

Does anyone have AFLAC short-term disability in addition to their normal health insurance coverage?  I'm covered under my husbands policy for health insurance however my employer just started offering AFLAC as a supplemental.  Having MS doesn't automatically disqualify me, however there are certain stipulations… Read More

Help with diagnosis

I have insurance but a very high deductible and 30% co-pay even after I meet that. I'm convinced I have ms. After 10 years of everybody including doctors blowing me off when i felt something wasn't right, I am progressively worse. To the point I fear losing my basic mobility. All my symptoms point to ms. I can… Read More

Social Security Disability

I recently received a continuing disability review report  from Social Security about my disability with MS.  It's really freaking me out and causing me extreme anxiety.  I was diagnosed with MS in 2005 and currently take Copaxone to help with relapses and take Gapapentin to help with the chronic pain.  I have… Read More

No insurance.

What do people do when they have been approved for SSDI and have no insurance for costly prescriptions like Copaxone? No insurance for physical and mental health as well as for other prescriptions and make too much to get Medicaid while waiting the 2 years to get Medcare? Read More


Hi I have recently lost my job due to my MS. I now had to go on the cobra health insurance which is about $600.00 a month which I can no longer afford. I have tried to sign up for Badger Care but they are not taking anymore applications. I looked in the hirsp insurance and what I can afford has such a high… Read More

new to MS, new to Medicare

I turned 65 this past December and started Medicare.  I have since been diagnosed with MS (just got the lumbar puncture results this past Monday).  It's been a 6 month process because my doctor says I didn't fit the demographic profile - too old. Anyhow, he is going to recommend Tecfidera, the new oral drug… Read More

Bioness L300

Curious if anyone has had success appealing their insurance company denial for this device? I have the Healthcare reform PCIP insurance. Denied the request for a device that will enable me to keep walking, (without tripping) therefore keep working. I am a realtor. Honestly I cannot see how they can get away… Read More

Disease Modying Drugs through the VA*

My question is two-fold: (1)  Are all of the FDA approved disease modifying drugs and therapies available through the Veterans Administration? (2) Now that BG12 is approved by the FDA, will this too, be available through the VA and when? Any information and clarification would be appreciated. Thank… Read More

Tricare dependent

We have Tri Care Prime Retiree as our family insurance. Our 16 year old daughter was recently diagnosed. I am concerned about extending her coverage in the future, currently we will have tri-care young adult, but past that point she will be on her own. Are there any programs where we will be able to extend her… Read More

"uninsured" but working on that - slowly

Ok, so long story short? I have been without insurance for approximately 4 years (+/- 1) Admittedly, I haven't been very responsible in that regard. I am working / researching etc to understand my options better. As MS is a rather common pre-existing condition, I imagine there are easy answers to my basic… Read More

Routines aren't working

Is it a sign that cognitive issues are increasing when typical routines become disrupted? These have happened over the last month, not every day.For examples, I had both sneakers tied before I realized I hadn't pulled on my jeans first. I tried to put the creamer into the cupboard beside the fridge instead of… Read More