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Health Insurance

No insurance.

What do people do when they have been approved for SSDI and have no insurance for costly prescriptions like Copaxone? No insurance for physical and mental health as well as for other prescriptions and make too much to get Medicaid while waiting the 2 years to get Medcare? Read More


Hi I have recently lost my job due to my MS. I now had to go on the cobra health insurance which is about $600.00 a month which I can no longer afford. I have tried to sign up for Badger Care but they are not taking anymore applications. I looked in the hirsp insurance and what I can afford has such a high… Read More

new to MS, new to Medicare

I turned 65 this past December and started Medicare.  I have since been diagnosed with MS (just got the lumbar puncture results this past Monday).  It's been a 6 month process because my doctor says I didn't fit the demographic profile - too old. Anyhow, he is going to recommend Tecfidera, the new oral drug… Read More

Disease Modying Drugs through the VA*

My question is two-fold: (1)  Are all of the FDA approved disease modifying drugs and therapies available through the Veterans Administration? (2) Now that BG12 is approved by the FDA, will this too, be available through the VA and when? Any information and clarification would be appreciated. Thank… Read More

Tricare dependent

We have Tri Care Prime Retiree as our family insurance. Our 16 year old daughter was recently diagnosed. I am concerned about extending her coverage in the future, currently we will have tri-care young adult, but past that point she will be on her own. Are there any programs where we will be able to extend her… Read More

"uninsured" but working on that - slowly

Ok, so long story short? I have been without insurance for approximately 4 years (+/- 1) Admittedly, I haven't been very responsible in that regard. I am working / researching etc to understand my options better. As MS is a rather common pre-existing condition, I imagine there are easy answers to my basic… Read More

Routines aren't working

Is it a sign that cognitive issues are increasing when typical routines become disrupted? These have happened over the last month, not every day.For examples, I had both sneakers tied before I realized I hadn't pulled on my jeans first. I tried to put the creamer into the cupboard beside the fridge instead of… Read More

Infusion costs, co-pay, out of pocket

I'm trying to resume my Tysabri infusions. Stopped while I was away for a few months, then insurance changed. Biogen is helping with the drug co-pay, but claim they can't help with my share of the infusion costs because it's a type of government insurance. (CHAMP-VA, hubby is fully disabled vet.) I can't get… Read More

Health insurance

Hello; My name is Jo Anne Strutz and I have MS.  I have been with a federally funded insurance program called OMIP.  I have been informed by OMIP that they are going to drop my insurance because of the Obamacare.  With OMIP I have been paying a high deductible every year ($1,000.00) but after that a low copay… Read More


Do the pharmacuetical companies help with the cost when a person goes on Medicare?  Presently, I have full coverage insurance, but when I go on Medicare and a Medicare Advantage plan, I'm not sure what happens.  All Medicare Advantage plans will only pay a percentage of the monthly cost.  How do people with MS… Read More


I was recently terminated from my employment because I am unable to give them a date certain by which I can return. Due to issues with insurance, it took months before I was able to start treatment so I have actually been out of work since the end of September, was diagnosed for the first time at the end of… Read More


CNN last night ran a story about Time Magazine devoting 20,000 words, the most ever, to the high cost of health care, they are also running another story tonight  I think it is at 5PM CST. So I went to CNN today and uploaded a story about AARP UnitedHealthcare trying to form a monopoly, putting local… Read More

Accidents or Falls from MS?

Hi, I am newly diagnosed (1 week ago) and am looking into any supplemental insurance that may benefit us.  I am considering Aflac, as they have an accident policy.  It seems fairly straight forward, I am just wondering are falls or accidents kind of common with MS.  Has anyone else utilized Aflac for this… Read More