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Health Insurance

Non-preferred pharmacies second edition

I could not access the other posting so I am repeating some  and adding some more. The new booklet from AARP United Healthcare has now moved my pharmacies to the non preferred pharmacy column and are charging additional for me to do business with the local pharmacies. For the cheaper scripts it is as much as… Read More

Double health insurance...

 I was diagnosed with MS August 2011. Since then I dropped my health insurance and hopped on my husband's insurance. Now I wonder if I should have my job's insurance as well as my husband's? Since it is now open enrollment and I wonder if I should sign up for back up insurance or would it be a waste? Read More

ACA Romney and Obama

I'm interested in writing an article about the Affordable Care Act in comparison to Romney's health plan suggestions. Anyone know of some good spots that compare the two? I also just want to understand the ACA in a more complete manner. Read More

High Deductible and Copaxone

I have a $5K deductible and am on Copaxone. I see where the drug supplier talks of possible $35 copay (12*35=$420) or $500/month assist but I haven't been able to find any assistance for high deductibles. How are others dealing with this? Thank you for any info. Read More


I recently got Diagnosed with MS and in the process of getting that diagnosis, my doctor ordered a triple evoked response test.  My insurance company (BCBS) did not pay on the hearing portion stating it was due to an exclusion on my policy.  The doctor orders this test all the time and has not heard of it being… Read More

applying for SSI

Hi, I have just returned to the states from Germany where I was diagnosed with MS in 2007.  I am living in Las Vegas, NV and applied for SSI (I  don't have much of a work record), but was denied.  I realize that it is normal to get denied the first time that one applies, so I will apply again.  I wonder if… Read More

new to medicare

I am on disability due to ms. I am eligible Nov 1st for medicare. Currently we carry our health insurance on our own (my husband is self-employed) so it's very expensive, but they cover Gilenya which I have been on and doing well on for over a year. I live in MA and am trying to figure out which supplemental… Read More

Supplemental Insurance

Hi. While I have insurance through my husband's job, we still have a lot of out-of-pocket expenses related to my testing and medication. Are there supplemental insurance companies that will sell a plan to me? I was just diagnosed with MS this week, but I have several more MRIs and a lumbar puncture still to do,… Read More


I am interested in using Ampyra. My doctor is going to try to get me some assistance in getting the medicine. He say I might be able to get it free for a few weeks. What is the best way for me to get some assistance long term if it does works? Thanks for any advice. Read More

health insurance

I have had private insurance for 6 years. Went to nerologist for all my issues.  Neuro order all the one being spinal test. .I have received an increase in my premiums twice in 2 months.  Can they cancel my insurance once I get diagnosed? thanks… Read More


I have had private insurance for 6 years. I am now in the process of being diagnosed with ms.The final test being spinal tap.My insurance has increased twice in 2 months. I expected one increase after my wife had a birthday.  I didn't expect another so soon. Is it because of the expected diagnoses?  Could they… Read More

health insurance coverage

I am thinking of moving to Clarksville, TN (to be with my daughter & family) Do you know who I would contact about health coverage with my pre existing (MS) condition for that area. I have coverage with  Kaiser (HMO) in california. I would not be able to keep that insurance coverage.  Any information would be… Read More