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  • dbriel91
    Hi everyone. So, I wanted to see what insurance everyone else is on. I only have a little bit more time being covered on my moms insurance before I am going to have to figure something else out. I live in California and have been looking for a full-time job with benefits but that is nearly impossible. Plus, working part-time I barely have energy to do long days so, that's my worry. I'm already starting to stress because I don't make a lot of money a month and having to pay for insurance is going to financially stress me out more. Help!!! Thank you.
  • MS_Navigator_Ashley
    Hi dbriel91,  Below is a link to our website that discusses Individual Health Insurance options that may be good information for you to review:

    At the bottom of that website, there is a section called "Additional Resources" that has links to additional documents for help in choosing a health plan.  

    Additionally, the National MS Society has a Benefits and Employment Team that can provide information and guidance on locating health insurance, please contact them at 1-800-344-4867 as needed.  

    MS Navigator Ashley