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  • dalegrana
    Hi there, my name is Dale Grana from Philippines. I have a brother officially diagnosed with MS last year but the onset of his symptoms were first observed last 2011. We thought that it was just a simple symptom of vertigo but it was not, it was something far more complicated than vertigo. We went to Cebu City last week and the doctor offered treatments for my brother which was injecting steroids costings 400 thousand pesos and if the treatment was not entirely successful then the doctor said to have a second opinion and put my brother for stem cell treatment. I have seen videos of stories from people having successful stories from having a stem cell treatment but the thing is it cost so much that we cannot afford it. I want my brother to return to his normal life and have his own job but this disease keeps holding him back.  We could already see the progression of his MS since he cannot see very well anymore and has difficulty walking. 

    Please help us :(

  • MS_Navigator_Carla
    Hi Dale,

    I would suggest using this MS International Federation resource to see if there is an MS organization in your country:
    They would likely be much more familiar with any resources that may be available in your area to help your brother with his treatment.  I hope you are able to find something that helps.  Thank you for reaching out for support.