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  • Dav3o

    In short I am having a massive insurance issue due to my employer mistake. I have MS like all of us, and like everyone painfully knows it comes it a commitment to high insurance bills on a regular basis.


    I took a role at company (beginning this year) who was not based in my state. We quickly found out their insurance plan would not cover services in my state. So we never joined that, and instead used Cobra as primary plan until I could get one from the marketplace.  


    After speaking with the Cobra administrators, and explain situations, they said that it was perfectly OK to do above, and so we provided.


    Unfortunately, the employer never canceled the other plan, despite me sending e-mails reminding them. Fast forward to now:


    The employer’s plan, that has no to little coverage, was never supposed to exist, is now being deemed my primary. My last year of claims (80k) is now all getting rebilled, and good chance it will now jeopardize Cobra and potential will cancel.


    I am terrified, as that is a lot of claims, that I have already paid, meet deductibles, and good chance a lot might simply not be covered and now I will be responsible for the claim on them.


    I can’t get confirmation from company that they will help cover my finical set back due to their mistake.


    Will I need to get attorney’s involved or does anyone have resources I can discuss with some on this front?




  • MS Navigator Jess
    Hi Dave!

    Thanks for posting here!  I'd like to invite you to call us directly- we have a Benefits and Employment team of MS Navigators who are incredibly well versed in all things insurance (and employment) and we would be happy to get you connected with one of them.

    Just call 1 800 344 4867, mention that you'd like to speak with a Benefits and Employment specialist, and you'll be directed to the right place.