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  • summerssarah
    Hi everyone, my mother is 56 and has been diagnosed for nearly 20 years. She has very advanced ms. We can no longer walk for care for herself. 
    My concern is that she is alone for most of the day while her husband is at work. She needs full time care but can not afford it. 

    I live in houston, she is in Atlanta. I'm very concerned. 
    What would y'all suggest as my options? 
    She has health insurance but it's through a very small company and it's not that great. 
  • MS_Navigator_Steph
    Hello summerssarah,

    I am sorry to hear about your mother's progression. I would encourage you to read through this link on our website. It can provide some questions to consider when deciding what level of care you mother needs and the best place to get that care. 

    We also encourage you to access the comprehensive resources available from the Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA).  FCA was the first community-based nonprofit organization in the country to address the needs of families and friends providing long-term care for loved ones at home.  FCA illuminates the caregivers' daily challenges to better the lives of caregivers nationally, provide them the assistance they need and deserve, and champion their cause through education, services, research, and advocacy.
    Family Caregiver Alliance: Georgia Resources

    I hope this is helpful. Please let us know if you need anything else.
    MS Navigator Stephanie