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  • scott3j
    Anyone else worried at all about the repeal of Obama care? 
  • robertjon
    Hell Yes, I mean it's a real concern for me! Obama Care has paid out an unbelievable amount of money for my healthcare without costing me a cent. At 53, I'm a Centralia College Student who is unemployed. In just this year I've had hep. C treated and cured (which I've had since my early 20's). Not counting all the Doctor appts. and multiple blooddraws, the medication of a pill a day for 90 days was $90,0000. After exrays and consultation with the Dentist, I had all my teeth pulled and new dentures made for upper and lower. Then the MS attack which led me to multiple Doctors and speciallists. A spinal tap, 2 brain MRI's, 2 thorastic MRI's, 1 cervicle MRI, then all the Doctors after my diagnoses in Centralia, Olympia and Seattle. 3 more appts. schedualed later this month and the beginning of next month. Eye Doctors-I will have prescription glasses for the first time in my life to pick up any day now. My MS medication which I'm into month 3 taking at about $6,500 a mo. There is more, but I'm sure you can see my concern, Jon
  • Stacy10
      Not entirely convinced it can be done, at least not entirely. 8 years of Obamacare has changed the healthcare landscape. I think it's going to turn out to be easier to fix what doesn't work then to throw the whole thing out. It was just another empty political promise Trump made to make his supporters happy. I don't think he can do it.